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James Hellyer

Last week, The Telegraph carried a story about poor French farmers who said they desperately needed subsidies, otherwise they couldn't make enoght to live on. Was I the only one who read that and thought "get another job, you sponger!"

It's wholly wrong for us subsidise uncompetitive and failing trading practices. It's more so to do it at the expense of the world's poorest people.

We should scrap the CAP. If the EU won't agree, Britain should just stop paying in to that corrupt institution. The EU would then change because it had no other option.

Tom Greeves

The European Union is a RACIST institution. It ensures that Africa is flooded with cheap goods (which is a good thing), but concurrently denies Africa access to European markets (which is monstrous).

We should start from the premise that the EU is a sclerotic, undemocratic, white man's club, and that talk of rebates, subsidiarity and all that jazz is just so much fluff.


The conervatives silence on CAP couldn't have anything to do with all those tory voting (subsidised) farmers could it?

James Hellyer

That's almost certainly the case.

Oliver Letwin was on the Today programme this morning and he was very depressing. He talked about how it was essential NOT to scrap the Common Agricultural Policy. He said that the CAP is important for maintaining the look of our countryside because farmers are paid to keep it looking beautiful.

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