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This is an appalling policy because it is not a Conservative policy.

Stop looking at how to get elected and start finding out what what really needs doing to bring back some greatness to the country. When you have these getting elected will follow.

I think one of the main planks should be rebuilding civil society and removing the nanny state. Government should not be involved in more than defense of the realm, police and legal machinery. All else should either be privatised or removed. I don't expect this in one term of office but if the preparation is right it can happen.

Jack Stone

The Conservative party have got to get away from this obsession with tax cuts. A lot of people in the party apparantly including David Davis seem to believe all you have to do to win an election is prove to the public that there is going to be massive cuts in taxes if you get election. I am afraid this simplistic nonsense just will not work.
The main inpedimant to a Conservative victory is that the public do not trust the Tories on public services. They believe that tax cuts basically mean cuts in public services which they don`t want.

The party needs to stop talking about tax cuts and private health and education and come up with policies which will see state education and health become as good as that in the private sector.

The only person who seems to know the right way forward for the party is David Cameron, Mr Davis is just promising more extreme versions of policys that have failed before.

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