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David Sergeant

If and when the economic down turn comes surely the blame must be laid on Gordon Brown. His "successful" economy has been based on using up Conservative government savings and ever rising debt. His "success" is done with mirrors.

Alexander Drake

Bucketloads of kudos to the Editor for this post. It is correct in every way and succinct in identifying what is overwhelmingly the biggest problem for the Conservative Party.

It is all very well to have the City's FT-reading, pinstriped confidence - but there is a difference between that sort of economic competence we need to have a reputation for: a voter-rich, domestic-based economic competence that makes people confident they can pay off their morgtages and get on in the world, with us on their watch.

Yet if you read other small-c conservative commentary you will think that all we need is an extra dose of Blimp-ishness. Ugggh.

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