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Kevin Davis

It is worth noting that in this increasingly globalised world it is becoming the instinct of us all to revert to thinking about community and our personal lives, be that social, family or working. I think this is in part due to the enormity of the issue of globalisation and the fear that has been built around the issue.

I wonder whether the debate that has been taking place on many of these issues would be better to focus on those two ends of the spectrum; the globalisation agenda and the personalisation agenda. As a "consumer" of public services I want a service that is tailored to my needs but is still able to meet the needs of a growing nation.

So there is the rub. Is this a globalisation versus localisation debate or a globalisation versus personalisation debate? Is it about localising power or empowering individuals to help themselves in a frightening globalised world?

To paraphrase...There is such a thing as Society if you understand first that Society is made up of individuals who require the freedom to lead their own lives and the security to go about their business.

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