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Sean Fear

"If, however, Cameron forgets the reason why we elected him and reaches for a core vote strategy at the first sign of trouble, he will forfeit his mandate"

Better the core vote than the 25%.

James Maskell

Maude is an old hand who avoided largely avoided serious trouble over vote snatching. My fear is that if Maude goes, May will be put in as Chairman. Im not sure if its much of an improvement, given her views on goldlists and female involvement in the Party. Im all for equality in the Party in terms of selection but Im not in favour of overturning the implied discrimination in the system at the expense of men.

Sean Fear

Hobson's choice, James, but of the two, Maude would be preferable.

come off it

May won't be chairman again after last time. It has to be someone who can inspire the confidence of MPs and the voluntary party and can deliver on big, tough organizational change. There's Liam Fox, there's Andrew Lansley, there's Michael Gove, there's a lot of people who could combine the ability to inspire trust and loyalty with the asbility to make change happen.

The new chairman (or woman) should be someone who understands the need to change and who supported the retention of the members' vote. A uniting rather than a divisive figure is the only way to make changes in how the party is run.

Innocent Abroad

'Are you a Lib Dem Innocent?' - nice try at a smear, Tom, but no dice, obviously. Now let me try one of my own - are you Peter's son?

change to win

Hobson's choice:

May is a straw person... There is no way that she would be considered after the "nasty" comment. Let's focus instead of who would do the best job for the party, and who could take others with him or her as they implemented some pretty big changes.

Innocent Abroad

It's funny, I used to think that "sean Fear" was an obviously made-up name until someone googled him on some other thread. Since you're here Sean, why do you post on the race-baiting Conservative Democratic Alliance website? You've got some pretty odd friends.

James Maskell

Gove perhaps. Hes been singing Camerons praises and has posted on here during the campaign. His comments were generally well received here I'd say. Hes also on the Conservative Future site quite prominently. Whats his reputation in the party? Hes an unknown person to me.


Many of our core issues were very popular with the voters. If those policies are delivered with enough passion by a credible party there is no reason why they should not be successful. By all means broaden out our appeal, but we must keep with the core issues as well.

Alastair Matlock

Innocent Abroad - Do you really think this charade of yours is fooling anyone?

Gove perhaps.

Why not. Let's go forward with some people who haven't blotted their copy book with the divisions and unpleasantness of the past.

Sean Fear

Well, there *is* a Lib Dem "Innocent Abroad" on Political Betting.

I post on quite a lot of websites, Innocent, without necessarily agreeing with the other posters. Some of the posters on CDA are indeed nutters; others are quite interesting.


Who is "Innocent Abroad" = Boring.

Ian Sider

"Better the core vote than the 25%."

Indeed. I've no idea where the lavishly witless "25%" comment came from, but I'm sure it isn't actually what DC is aiming at!

By the way, unless we do something about our support among people born anytime after the 1950s and among ethnic minority voters, our core vote will get to 25% anyway.

James Hellyer

"Indeed. I've no idea where the lavishly witless "25%" comment came from..."

Oliver Letwin according to some reports.

"Oliver Letwin according to some reports."

That would be consistent with the "I could lose my seat" part of the anonymous MP who was quoted in The Times when that story broke.

Sean Fear

The 25% quote is quite authentic, Ian.

Not a Tory

As a lifelong non-Tory can I tell you how comforted I've been by your sniping at each other on this site? You can change your Leader but you can't seem to change who you are...

How about a 43% strategy?


'Not a Tory' is right folks!


I didnt do too badly with my prediction:-

Cameron 69%
Davis 31%
Turnout 200,000

We all knew it was inevitable especially after Hague and Fox backed Cameron. Love or hate Cameron, he is the leader now, that doesnt mean we must bow in loyalty but give the lad a chance and hope he turns out to be better than many of us fear. Its an up hill battle and Cameron is going to have to pick up his game considerably, otherwise he could well be torn apart tomorrow. Lets hope for the best!

Will we now find out the true identity of Barbara Villiers?

Gender Neutral

Have a scan of the names of submitters on many women?
DC will have this closed down unless we become more representative...


I'm a woman! Admittedly, I do more reading than writing.

Kevin Davis

Disraeli in the 1830's despaired of the Tory party and said: "Toryism is worn out & I cannot condescend to be a Whig."

In 1868 he bacame leader of the party and in his leadership acceptance speech said: "Few ideas are correct ones, and which they are none can tell, but with words we govern men".

Even Disraeli knew that the words you use to communicate with the people you seek to govern is as important as what you do when you have won their confidence.

Tom Ainsworth

"Are you Peter's son?"
Unfortunately not. Nor am I Bob's son!

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