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James Hellyer

So what's tomorrow's "big" policy announcement going to be, and how is it going to signal the party's "changed"? Ideas?


Anyone else coming to UKIP with me?

James M

Congratulations to David Cameron. A superb victory.

As a party we now need to move onwards and upwards - unite together and give this country a viable alternative.

Henry Cook

How did they change so quickly?! Someone might want to cry 'Fix!' but we must assume that Davis also submitted his own version of the website in case he won!

I liked DC's adoption of Foxy's 'broken society', I think we have the makings of a powerful alliance here.


When TB became Labour leader in 1994, they were 10 points ahead in the polls and the Conservatives were in government for 15 consecutive years, having recently and dramatically defenestrated their political leader. It was an entirely different political situation from today.

The Tories have been flat in the polls since 1997 (although of course Labour only got *3%* more votes in the general election--evidently, the electoral system is grossly biased against the Conservatives). With a somewhat popular government led by a fairly unpopular leader, the Conservatives should have done much better, but they, once again, failed to do so.

The reasons for this flat-lining seem to be mainly sociological. Cameron's approach will therefore necessarily be slow and cautious.

It's entirely unsurprising that he didn't use any new material this afternoon. Things must sink in, and will take some time.

I expect him to conduct himself in a high-mannered way at tomorrow PMQs. I expect DC to ask all of his questions about education, and try to actual have a substantive debate with Blair rather than scoring points. It'll be interesting how this develops.

James Hellyer

"Anyone else coming to UKIP with me?"

As much as I like Roger Knapman's "cranks and gadflies" tie, it will take a lot more than one dull speech to drive me to UKIP!

Innocent Abroad

"Cameron's Conservatives"????!!!!

Never!!!! "Maggie's Conservatives" once, now and always!

Mr Eugenides

"I reserve the right to wash my hands of this Party"

Are you threatening us, Mrs Villiers?...


Tell me Richard, why is it okay for Fulford to insult people but he can't be insulted back.

Richard Weatherill

Don't worry Duchess - I realise you're made of sterner stuff. Would you like one of my first run of "Don't blame me, I voted Davis" car stickers?

BTW, when can we expect the great revelation?


I've deleted John Coulson's latest nastiness and those who commented upon his nonsense.

Let's hope that Coulson keeps his promise to quit the party if Cameron is elected. He won't be missed.


The more dinosaurs that jump ship the better.

Graham Wild

Wonderful! A Tory leader talking social justice and taking Fox's great 'Broken Society' Phrase, on his acceptence speech! Brilliant! I cant wait for the next few years, they are going to be awesome.

Wooooo... i think we all have springs in our steps now!


Well, Coxy, UKIP is a party which knows all about unity. Then there's always Veritas for those who get fed up with UKIP! Seriously though why not stick with the Conservatives? At least give the new man a chance. I know he has raised impossible expectations, but we must be realistic, it will take at least a few months for us to be able to judge whether we are going in the right direction.

Innocent Abroad

Alan Duncan has just claimed that Dave has done more in politics than Blair had when he became leader? Starter for 10 - how long was TB in the shadow cabinet? how long has Dave been in it? Meanwhile, Windsor's MP was painfully inarticulate in the same section - or is he simply very shy?


Coxy wrote:

"Anyone else coming to UKIP with me?"

Let's hope so! Take all the nutters we've acquired over the last few years with you, close the door on your way out and enjoy life in loony land.


Yes, frankly, James Hellyer, i do expect you to support him unconditionally. If you are a Conservative, that is, and I'm not so sure. You have to accept the judgement of the members whose "voters rights" you championed so much.

We can win the next election - so long as people like you dont hold us back as you have done for so long.


rejoice rejoice rejoice

Jonathan Sheppard

Congratulations to DC. The hard work starts now - and I too hope that all true Conservatives do back him. At the end of the day I believe a Conservative Government is better than this rag bag Labour Government we have now.

You only have to look at Prudence yesterday - come on - do we really want more of that inflicted upon this country.

Mr Eugenides

Precisely so, Matt. It's DD's people that were keenest on retaining the members' vote, because they (along with everyone else) thought this would more or less guarantee their man the prize. Respect the wishes of the membership, and so on.

Ed R

The result was a wonderful mandate for Cameron, and the speech laid out strongly the platform which the party will be fighting. Like the Editor, I was also delighted to hear a strong endorsement of Fox's superb campaign. It's a shame the 'boo boys' (and girls) are on the prowl -- it's time to take a lead from the tremendous dignity shown by David Davis and Michael Howard today. It's a great day for the Conservative Party, a great day for conservative politics in this country, and I for one am very much looking forward to the next election under our new leader.

James Hellyer

"Yes, frankly, James Hellyer, i do expect you to support him unconditionally."

Then you're wrong to be a democratic party and a democratic system. Nobody should be expect to uncondtionally support everything a leader says and does. Your is a very Stalinist view of Conservatism!

I suppose all people should say is "what a wonderful speech!"

"You have to accept the judgement of the members whose "voters rights" you championed so much."

There's a difference between accepting the outcome and accepting the judgement. But I doubt you can see the distinction.

"We can win the next election - so long as people like you dont hold us back as you have done for so long."

The 25% strategy rears its head. Nice.


Look, it's the standard Cameroon guff: (doled out by squealer, er, Osborne) 'Dave didn't trim, he did it his way, he didn't listen to the papers .....' - er, that's one way of describing it. The other way is, 'Dave said nowt'.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Our opponents will be looking at us for 'cracks' and we must unite behind Cameron.

Those people who opposed Cameron should now sip up and move on.


Mark & fellow Cameroons - I'm off to a very trendy wine bar to drink champagne with all my metrosexual friends. I suggest you do the same and leave yesterday's men (and women, Babs darling) to cry into their 32% of the vote. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives ...

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