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Editor has already been Cameronised!

Innocent Abroad

At least we haven't seen any of that petulance thus far*. But here's a prediction: this leadership will be the most sensitive (to criticism) one we have ever had. Modern OEs, and the court round of Cameron (notably Osborne), reek of a sense of entitlement and resent any internal arguments. The purge starts this afternoon.

*Ohhh, that '*that* is the goal' came close - best to get out there asap Dave.


HA! The "proceeds of growth" clause came out in the end, Simon!

James Hellyer

This was a disappointing speech - he's shown he's capable of better, and I say that as someone who is not a fan.

Mr Eugenides

Can anyone remember Blair's acceptance speech? No? Exactly.


I thought he praised Davis and said he had a very important role in the party, though he refused to be drawn on details.


I heard him praise Davis and said he had a very important role in the party, though he refused to be drawn on details.

James Hellyer

"Can anyone remember Blair's acceptance speech? No? Exactly."

Blair was already known as a national politician, and had coined the "tough on crime" soundbite. Cameron isn't known. The next few days will be crucial in imprinting his public image.

Jackk Stone

The best thing to happen to the party since 1992. This comprehensive victory gives DC a great mandate to change the party and build it into an alternative government.
People should now back him, support him and work hard so we can win the next election.
Lets support him in the best of times and the worst of times and when he gets things right and when he does not. Loyalty will bring success and a leader with this sort of mandate deserves our support.
So lets not hear any more carping, lets back our new leader and help him get the party back into power.

Richard Weatherill

No comment from Barbara V yet? I hope she isn't suicidal. BTW, Tim, please correct your headline Cameron vote to 134,446 (as noted by Tim R-P).


Thank you Richard W. Done.

Innocent Abroad

Careful, Mr Eug, by that sort of logic you'll next be arguing that, "no one will [or can] remember one single thing about Dave's Conference speech that changed politics forever ......".

As for Blair, I seem to remember "you've had your chance" being one of the several sparkling soundbites wolfed up by the media. None of those in this fairly thin stuff from Dave.

Adrian Owens

Congratulations to David Cameron. Let's all give him our support.

The biggest winner from the process though is party democracy. In 2001, given the choice available the members made the correct choice. I believe they did the same today - yet our MPs wanted to take that choice away from us.

I noticed William Hague on News24 saying the contest had been excellent and had allowed David Cameron to work his way into the role. Fine William, but you were one of the majority of MPs who thought the system was broken.

The first thing David Cameron should do is make sure his MPs get out into the country and connect, then perhaps they will make the right decisions going forward and maybe, just maybe, stay connected with local party members.


Blair's acceptance speech, 21st July '94: "The Tories tell us to judge them on their wishes and on their aspirations. Let us tell them after 15 years of Government, we will judge them on one basis only, and that is on their record. Let me say to them. You have had your chance. You have had 15 years to get it right. If you can't change this country for better after 15 years, you never will."


Innocent Abroad

BTW I accept that this is a great result for Cameron - but he didn't so much win the leadership as Davis's dreadful candidature lost it. Be honest all my fellow Tories: do you really think that Labour are going to wage as crap a campaign at the next election as Davis has during this leadership election?

Richard Weatherill

"Fulford - How dare you accuse me of drinking you rabid little twerp. I know your name - you don't know mine. And believe me I will pay you in full for that slur on my character. You really are a pathetic little creature."

Aha, I spoke too soon - posted at 15.34, but on a different thread!

Raving Hameron

For all white, male, middle class hetrosexual viewers of News 24 - is there anyone you would do less willingly? (and I don't mean Jon Sopel)

Nick Rogers

I don't like some of the comments here, they're not exactly supportive of the new leader. Don't be so negative!


Lets stop it now - James Hellyer etc - this is our Leader and we must follow him !!!!

Jack Stone

Now that the leadership contest is over and the best candiadate as won isn`t about time the Davis supporters started putting the party first and stopped all the carping, spite, hatred and complete total drival and started backing our new leader.
I have never come across a bunch of such bad losers in my life!

Mr Eugenides

Fair comment on DC not exactly setting the heather on fire. I think the point is that we all know he can talk the talk; he gave the "speech to end all speeches" [sic] and it effectively won him the contest. The concern is whether he can actually succeed; and none of us, supporters or sceptics, know the answer to this. Giving a fairly boilerplate acceptance speech, which contains phrases we've all heard a hundred times before is, whilst slightly disappointing, not ultimately a big deal.


Wow, the party website certainly looks different. Now we know the new name for the party "Cameron's Conservatives" brilliant!

James Mawdsley

Mr Cameron is right to be positive, right to be optimistic & inclusive.

If party members get behind him now then the next eleciton will be won by the Conservatives.

But if we cannot get behind him then maybe we should ask someone to hand us our toys back so that we can throw them out the pram again.

C'mon ya'll, this is good news!! Cheer up. Be positive.

James Hellyer

"Lets (sic) stop it now - James Hellyer etc - this is our Leader and we must follow him !!!!"

After soundbite and through cocktail party we shall follow him.

Do you actually expect people to uncritically accept everything Cameron says and does?

I don't think that was a very good speech from him. I've heard him deliver a lot better. I also don't think he should keep repeating huge chunks of his old speeches whenever he's asked a question. People may not know them yet, but they'll soon notice if he keeps it up.

Barbara Villiers

Suicidal - I think not. Unlike a lot of saddos on this site I have a life. I think the Party has made a mistake and on their heads be it.

Nevertheless, for the country's sake (because we cannot afford another Labour Government)I do hope I am wrong. If I am, then I will admit it. If not, I reserve the right to wash my hands of this Party without being lynched by some of the more rabid Cameron supporters on this site.

Hague (as much as I like and admire him) and IDS were two mistakes too many - three strikes and you're out.

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