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Daniel Vince-Archer

""Daniel, I'm sure you'll be big enough to admit that this was all wishful thinking."

Won't get a chance to watch PMQs until about 7.30 tonight. I'll get back to you then."

Ok Mark, I admit Cameron gave a competent performance at Prime Minister's Questions. Happy now?

The Prime Minister was right though, when he pointedly said that actions, not good intentions, are needed to tackle climate change (or words to that effect).


I think a double first speaks for itself Michael. Intellectually he's mainfestly up to the job. As for political skills, we've seen enough of his public speaking and inter-personal skills to draw a favourable conclusion. The only open questions relate to strategy and leadership skills. The early omens on both are good but I accept he has a lot to prove.

RIP Conservative party 6.12.2005 - Labour lite is born, DOB 6.12.2005

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Poor Davis - in normal circumstances such a candidate would have withdrawn after the MPs' ballot,


It would be nice if this game can be co-oped, eh? Glad to see you guys reporting Skyrim, celnaitry want to hear more of your adventures! Amazing game it is with a vast and beautiful landscape (much bigger than Fallout 3 and Oblivion I believe) , and it doesn't disappoint on delivering plenty of epic adventures. Am playing a 21 level Nord mage named Skyvix with 300+ mp, and rely solely on a faithful companion named Lydia to guard my default 100hp life. Tough but somehow we managed to survive this far I must say there are some fearsome foes that take more wits than skills to beat, and that make it so much more satisfying when you see a seemingly unbeatable foe falls!


Ashley - Gorgeous! He is adorable Christie Im so happy for you guys! Enjoy every mnemot of it- and get lots of pics It goes by way to fast (As mine now rips all the freshly clean clothes out of the clothes basket and is throwing them around the room!)


Dave,I'm afraid our seytsm of local government is broken. Too much direction from above and badly hampered by party politics. I'm a former Metropolitan District Councillor for Sefton MBC, from 1980 -1987. For a while the Council was controlled by a single party and the opposition could posture as much as we liked (I was part of the opposition). We used to argue to the public, Vote for us and smash the Tories', at both local and National elections, but frankly we were misleading the electorate. I also, very quickly, became aware of the internal struggles in political parties. Churchill was right to caution people to watch those behind you, rather than those in front of you. Even today the local Sefton MBC Tories have just announced a further falling out, 11 only now holding the whip.In short over time since 1974 there are too many Councillors who have allowed themselves to be dominated by Party Political concerns before the need of electorate. My most intriguing experience was serving on the Sefton Local Strategic Partnership by now as an independent representative of Sefton's Parish and Town Councils (From 2000-07). Here I found calm detailed examination of the wider communities' aspirations hopes and aims as set out in the Strategic Plan. Needless to say once the local Councillors spotted my appointment on this body, they started to attend and interfere with expressions of fear about their role etc!They continue to fight over the bones of a reorganisation of neighbourhood management'.Oddly enough, having painted this picture of disarray, I would support the need for more councillors, but for independent Town and Parish Councillors rooted in their communities, accessible and accountable, they also do it for free!' So I support the idea of clear strategic thinking but working in partnership with very locally based community councils, ones where representatives are seen walking around the local shopping ccntre and are known. Remote Cabinet members are invisible and therefore not democratic though an elected Mayor with personality and talent may prove a useful leader/figurehead and focus for the wider civic life we should all be living.I must stop now, I hope some of this makes sense, but I've got a meeting at one of our local allotments.Sean BradyIndependent Parish CouncillorFormby Parish Council


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