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Innocent Abroad

What is Howard talking about - what 'new mood' is there in the country? We're further behind Labour in the polls than we were at the time of the general election.

James Hellyer



That was a bigger margin than anyone expected I think.....

Tim Roll-Pickering

David Cameron 134,446
David Davis 64,398

Cllr Iain Lindley

Well that was fairly comprehensive.

James Maskell

I reckoned 65-35 so I wasnt far off.

Guess DD is Defence representative then.....

Cllr Iain Lindley

I have to say, those were very warm words from David Davis, I was very impressed.

James Maskell

Hell, thinking about it that was such a heavy defeat, Cameron could make DD office cleaner and DD would have to accept!


200,000 votes? Weren't there 250,000 votes the last time? I'm not sure I like this trend. And will DC's 68%-32% win quell party infighting more than IDS's 60%-40% win did?

James Hellyer

It certainly gives Cameron a freer hand with the reshuffle.


Whoever we supported, this is a massive endorsement of David Cameron. This is the start of a new era for the party. Let's all salute him and work for a victory at the next election.

Simon C


The final result: (13th September 2001)
Iain Duncan Smith 155,933 (60.72%)
Ken Clarke 100,864 (39.28%)

256,797 valid votes were cast

Innocent Abroad

I know this is bad and obsessed with image, and, er, all the other reasons we were told to vote for Dave, but ........ isn't his speech just *deadly* boring? [The heli joke was okay, but otherwise, snoozeville]


Too right. Close your eyes and he sounds like Blair!


Listening to Cameron's acceptance is giving me a slightly sinking feeling.

It's a little bit too touchy-feely. I truly hope he won't be an oily New Lab plagarist.

God knows this country has had enough of them.

James Hellyer

Davis's concession speech was good spirited and relatively nifty (which is a surprise). This acceptance speech however is awful. It's a tired cut and paste of earlier speeches ("there is such a thing as society..."). Oh dear.


GREAT to hear him putting social justice as his main goal (and using Liam Fox's 'mending the broken society' message).

Simon C

I am not in a place where I can watch this live - so am using your comments as commentary for waht's going on. Keep it up chaps! Please don't be afraid to be colourful.

Innocent Abroad

Stop sucking up - leastways because no one else listening to that speech heard him put "social justice" as his 'main goal'. And watch the TV news this evening to see them (the media, the audience etc) again *not* hear anything so silly.

Mind you, News 24 have found a way to make this lacklustre speech seem competent - they're going to go to IDS next .......

Nicholas S

Give Cameron a chance, people. We are unlike the vast majority of people in this country in that we've heard / read every speech he's made in the last 6 months.

He's bound to repeat a few themes in this speech, it is the one that will be reported in every newspaper tomorrow.


OK - he's refused to be drawn on whether he'll appoint Davis, and is struggling to explain why he can do better than the last few leaders... Lots of nice fluffy words.

James Hellyer

Simon, Cameron's speech was a smorgaboard of quotes from his earlier speeches coering such exciting topics as road pricing and how we weren't going to play politics with the nation's future. It then collapsed into a CTRL+P of earlier speeches. I think he spared us the proceeds of growth buzz phrase though.

Calls for unity and support as expected.

All in all, rather too familiar and rather too long. Not his best speech by a very long way.


Hrrrm. Well, we all knew Cameron was going to win from ages ago (barring a few with their heads in the sand), but 68-32 is a bit of a massacre.

Poor Davis - in normal circumstances such a candidate would have withdrawn after the MPs' ballot, but another coronation would never have been acceptable. He was forced to fight a battle which he could never win, and such an obvious non-contest must be terribly demoralising.

James Maskell

For those who are going to say that we are rubbishing him seconds after winning the leadership and that we are being sore losers, the fact is that speech was rambling. He spoke about positive politics and not Punch and Judy politics but what has he been doing during the and finger pointing.

Cameron didnt look to be meaning it. There didnt seen to be any real passion. He spoke for too long.

James Hellyer

And now he's repeating the same answer on the EPP move I heard him give at hustings and on television interviews - word for word! Still, at least it's consistent ;-)

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