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Given that DC looks set to win this election on the basis of an unashamedly modernising agenda, it is rather surprising not to see this 'insight' offered an award.


Tim this is crazy.

Davis's strategy has been terrible, thats why he has lost. He has consistently jumped the gun without realising that we should be at the start of a policy making process not at the end of it.

Davis at 16% percent from me, but then again thats enough to pass a GCSE nowadays.


Anyone know where you can get a "Stop Blair" wristband?


"Davis's strategy has been terrible, thats why he has lost."

Has this been announced yet? There is a little mean part of me that would love a Davis win just to read the shock from you lot!

Sean Fear

How about a "Shoot Blair" wristband?


The thing is a-Tracy I don't think he's lost by much, but I do think he's lost.

Disappointed Eurosceptic

I think the Editor meant "insight into strategic issues to enable the election of a Conservative Government" not "the right strategy to win the leadership election".

Who disagrees with the following three points:
(a) the Tory Party must offer a prospectus which is 'good for me and good for my neighbour'
(b) there are dangers for the Tory Party in rejoining the [left-liberal] establishment
(c) the re-election of a Tory Government will require a long sustained slog selling campaign over several years, not the last few months of a parliament prior to a general election.

See what the Editor was getting at?

If still in any doubt, ask yourself this tie-breaker question: what would it mean in practice to share the proceeds of growth between tax cuts and public services (giving supporting attributed quotes from any member of Team Cameron)?

Selsdon Man

Does DD's appointment of Andrew Mitchell to handle press relations count for a "lack of strategic insight award"?

Selsdon Man

Surely the best strategic insight, if the romours are true, was the Cameron camp's decision to ask some MP supporters to vote Davis to kick Liam Fox out of the final run-off.


Thats tactics not strategy

Selsdon Man

Fair point Wasp but it was a key decision.


It would be more accurate to say: group of right-wingers vote Fox to knock out Clarke, ensuring that Clarke's vote transfers en bloc to Cameron, injecting further momentum. If Fox had gone out first, where would his votes have gone with Clarke still in contention?

Peter Franklin

"Mr Cameron certainly seems to be inching much closer to the establishment's views on issues like the environment, taxation and civil liberties. Some of us don't welcome that and will be vigilant against it."

Who do you mean by the "establishment", Mr Ed? If you mean Magna Carta and all that, then DC is very pro-establishment on civil liberties (DD too!). If you mean New Labour and the Association of Chief Police Officers, then the Conservative Party is getting daringly anti-establishment.

William Norton

Don't be dull, Peter. Perhaps he meant "our friends in Soho/Notting Hill/Hampstead [delete according to prejudice]"?

Simon C


Isn't David Willetts's early point that, to reduce the size of the state, you need to reduce the demand for the state, worth a mention?


Yes, Simon C - although I've put it under an awards category yet to be announced...


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