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Duncan certainly is the right winner for this one, I hope his reward isn't too big, keeping his current job should be enough.

I am inclined to disagree with Anne Main being in this list, she is my MP and I had an email exchange with her before she changed her mind. I asked her to explain why she was backing Davis and she did so very quickly and in some depth. She also explained that she was very impressed by Cameron as well (this was before the MPs vote).

I like to think I did my bit as a constituent to bring her over to camp Cameron;)

I Love DC

I think you're being unfair on Alan. You're forgetting that he shares genuine beliefs with DC about drug liberalisation (Saturn's Children; Select Committee Report) and other anti-social conservatism things (both are anti-"Tory Taliban" for instance) so there is more common ground between them than there was between him and DD.

Disappointed Eurosceptic

An award for Opportunism, and no reference to the EPP?


Surely there should be a special award to Mr Willets - who though being held hostage in DD territory on some Yorkshire Moor - managed to sneak out a message that although featured in DD literature he was at heart a loyal DC supporter.
Thus managing to at least one brain in each camp....


Rob, Nice to meet a fellow constituent on here :D I was glad when I saw Anne had swapped to supporting Cameron, but to be honest it probabaly was for career purposes. After all a brand new MP in Westminster needs to be seen to back the winner, unfortunately she jumped the gun on the leadership contest pledging allegiance to DD before giving DC a chance to shine.

Sean Fear

"Saturn's Children" is (drug leglisation aside) an extremely socially conservative book. Which I think, makes this award all the more justified.

Sean Fear

That's a lovely photo of John Bercow BTW.

Adrian Smith

Isn't the point about Alan Duncan that he changed sides EARLY ahead of the game. To beat Blair we're going to need to move fast to occupy the middle ground and we'll need a nimble-footed team that can do that. He's earned his promotion.


Chris - yes, I agree it was almost certainly done for career purposes but at least she confirmed to me before the vote that she also like Cameron. So far she has proved to be a more than adequate Constituency MP for St Albans, hopefully she will concentrate on this for the next few years and then get promoted on merit rather than as a favour.

At least she didn't insult David prior to joining him in the same way as Bercow and Duncan did.


"a nimble-footed team" - what a lovely term for a bunch of flip flopping, wishy washy, change with the wind liberals.

Selsdon Man

Surely Nadine Dorries trumps them all - nominated Davis and then defected to Cameron in the second round. If that is what we can expect of new women MPs, God help us!

Selsdon Man

You are forgetting that Alan Duncan said that if he could not get backing for his own candidacy, he would vote for his "friend" David Cameron. When he pulled out he reneged on that promise and suggested that he was going to vote for Davis (before switching to Cameron after Davis's speech). Nice - as they say in the Big Apple!

Selsdon Man

I cannot find the Duncan quote in my files so perhaps I was confusing him with George Osborne.

Bree Van De Camp

Duncan admitted he said those things about Cameron just because he was jelous.


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