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I think Editor, you are being a bit unfair on the Times who became one of Camerons leading cheer leaders early on.Not perhaps suprising given that Gove & Finkelstein both write for it but at least they stuck their necks out.
These days though,TV journalists have more influence.


Fair comment, Malcolm, but the Tory electorate mainly read The Mail and The Telegraph.


Newspapers don't break news any more, what they are is the only opportunity for any decent length analysis.

I think early on the Telegraph was excellent, especially its championing of New Localism. Its just once the election became out personalities there is little for newspapers to really get into.

James Hellyer

Nick Robinson now has a blog up at the BBCi news site:

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I think like with anything, perception tends to be reality
Given more time and understanding most people come around.
Nearshoring works, picking a country is like any other choice , do your homework, look at costs, determine your risk level (not crime but Gov't stability,skill level, educational system etc) and make a choice!
Most people only dip in a toe with a small project and soon learn if they made the right choice

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