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Excellent piece, many thanks. More informative than the newspapers.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Spot-on review Editor. Before this blog closes this week, I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent work and commitment put into maintaining this leadership blog - it's been highly informative (much more so than the conventional media IMHO), almost always entertaining (intentional or otherwise!) and a worthwhile release from dull afternoons at the office! Here's hoping for more of the same from the successor blog!

PS One last bit of hypercritical pedantry for old times' sake - you mention Fox twice in your 'court of enormous talent' in the last paragraph. We all know you're a fan (and rightly so) but to name him twice is shurely shome mishtake?

Rob D

An excellent article summing up an excellent election, well done to the editor and Cameron, the two winners of this campaign!

Alastair Matlock

Superbly written and incisive article, Tim. Hopefully there is much more where that came from!

Well done.

Selsdon Man

Perhaps the biggest compliment to DC comes from Graeme Souness. When commenting on speculation that he was going back to Glasgow Rangers, BBCi reports

"We are all in this together," he said. "We have all got to stick together and we have all got to stay united."

Is Mr Souness, once rumoured to have considered becoming Conservative PPC, thinking of a new career?

Andrew M

Superb article. You won't see a better summation of the race in any of the newspapers tommorrow. Congratulations on your excellent site.

Richard Weatherill

Thank you very much, Tim, for such an incisive analysis which provides an invaluable record of the campaign. Reading and (on occasion) contributing to ConservativeHome has been a real pleasure over these last few weeks even though, as with Daniel, it's occasionally got in the way of the 'day job'. You have done us all a great service and I hope the new blog proves equally successful.


Admit it. Under Orwellien examination 'reshaping conservatism' means abolishing the last traces of conservatism and turning the party into a tame, drugged non-opposition which offers no threat or challenge to the Blair project.

Similarly Cameron's speech read like 'In the past we may actually have been Conservatives, but now we are deeply ashamed of this lapse. We were useless and horrible, and what is more we have been browbeaten by the BBC into accepting the main policies of our bitter foes. In future we will stand for nothing except a dubious claim that we can tax and spend more efficiently than Labour and pursue their policies more efficiently.' This does not strike me as a recipe for victory at the next general election, or ever.

As for an 'unhappy right' (forgetting, as so many Tories do, that many ex and traditional Labour voters are far more conservative on some issues than their leaders) the Tories are an impossible coalition of irreconcilables. No coherent government programme could ever unite them.

One of the reasons I'm glad that Cameron has been elected is I suspect in the long-term it could lead to a real confrontation and a permanent split. Those bits of the Tory Party which believe in British independence, in Parliamentary democracy, in the liberty of the individual under the law behind secure frontiers, in marriage and the family, in people being selected on their own merits and not on sex or skin colour, in the prevention and punishment of crime, in rigorous education and in the rights of citizens to keep the fruits of their labours, may realise they have to shake themselves free.

It is no use people like Mr. Redwood lashing themselves to others, who believe in none or few of these things, in the vain hope that they just might, one day, achieve a parliamentary majority because that will never happen and For another, a party which is utterly divided and is no different in principle to its opponents on every important issue of our time would never be able to achieve anything if by some miracle it did gain power.


Cogent and perceptive summary, as ever, from spiked:


Cameron certainly has the charisma and momentum to put a whole new generation of voters off the Tories for life. He has nothing to offer and will produce nothing except, like Bliar, a flurry of activity and pathetic little soundbites.

Dr Crippen

What I'm trying to find, and please tell me that despite the label, the bottle is not empty, is what is DC going to do to save the NHS? It has been decaying since 1997. Despite all the extra expenditure, there is a health care crisis of unprecedented proportion approaching, and it won't be solved by spinning.


Wonderful, this thread has plenty of evidence why there will be no conservative government anytime in the future. Hours into Camerons leadership and there's already talk of 'splits'.

With Cameron as leader, and as a young person myself, its a about time we got a leader who isn't going to label us all bringe drinkers..and druggies..and that my generation is totally shitty.

Disgusting... I should consider myself lucky that i'm not part of the party yet...

Mr.Editor.. Thanks for this great article, its a wonderful writeup of a spectacular time for the conservative party :)

Ed R

Splendid article, Editor. A great read. Keep up the magnificent work on this site.

Samuel Coates

Definitely one of the best quality articles so far, I'm sure it will continue!

Marc Ross

Excellent work - we have been watching and reading from the banks of the Potomac.


I think you should have mentioned Newsnight though.

Oberon Houston

Tim – A big thank you for all your considerable efforts with”, and the leadership blog in particular.

Your site is a great asset to the Conservative party, and you should be very proud of you achievements.

Going forward, we as a party, need to get the message right, and, crucially stay on-message right up to the next General Election.

Tim, I am certain that you have a great future within our party. You are an inspiration to us all to get more involved for this great cause.

Many thanks again!


Another excellent piece Tim.I would like to join all the others in thanking you for providing over the past few months this blog which has entertained and informed me so well.

Simon C

I agree with Oberon & Malcolm - thank you Tim.

Onwards & Upwards!


Thank you very much for your excellent coverage of this contest, its been thorough and decent - its also made your site into one of the most interesting political blogs around.

Guido Fawkes

He is the kind of man that mature Tory ladies have always hoped that their daughter might bring home. By contrast, the same ladies saw the Davis team as the kind of bunch of they wouldn’t want their sons to fall in with.


James Hellyer

"The fracturing of the Conservative Right explains why this is the first time since Ted Heath beat Reggie Maudling, in 1965, that its perceived candidate has lost the leadership election."

The other major factor is that "the right" never got their collective act together.

In 2001, the more right wing MPs identified and backed their candidate from the start. This time around they made their voting bloc more apparent with the formation of Cornerstone, but didn't unanimously settle on a candidate until it was too late.

Flirting with the idea of a Leigh or Ancram candidacy meant that Dr Fox (who the majortiy of their number later backed) never build up the critical mass of momentum that early endorsements would have given him. By the time his campaign was taken seriously and was seen to gain ground, it was too late to get a serious bandwagon rolling.

Wat Tyler

Yes Tim- great post. Why pay for the newspapers when we can get better here?

We're all going to miss the knockabout of the leadership contest, but CH has become our coffee house nad I'm sure will remain so.

Well done, and looking forward to your new blog.

James Cleverly

Tim, thank you, that was an excellent overview of the process. I think that it will make interesting and useful reading for those on the outside of the process and those involved in the events themselves.

If half as much though and effort goes into winning over the country we will be in strong position at the next election.

Richard Bailey

Beautifully written and wonderfully insightful, Ed. You'll be head-hunted soon enough!
Just had another exchange with my friendly postie. He is not political and we usually talk about a shared love of tennis. Today, however, he described David Cameron as the "Andy Murray" of politics.
Now that's insight!

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