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Barbara Villiers

C'mon Spence, are you up for the challenge? Come and have a go if you think you're tough enough.

Typical wimp - to insult a woman you call her ugly. I'd call you a pig but I wouldn't want to insult them. You are a nasty little twerp.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Rise above it Babs. If Spence thinks he adds to the debate by calling other posters ugly and by making childish references to them in the email address he enters, that's his problem. He's just trying to goad you into sinking to his level of debate and you'd be well-advised to avoid that sort of thing.


Martin Smith - You've heard of some of the criminological theory that has allowed the removal of punishment from our society.

The problem is that the theories don't actually work even though many academics have enjoyed well remunerated careers propagating the criminological myths of the 1960's.

The fact is that deterrence deters. Being nice and understanding to evil people only encourages them. Of course there are cases of hardship which bring out feelings of sympathy - the so-called causes of crime. But in the end of the day how much murder do you want? You can have a lot more by removing penalties, and have a lot less by introducing the death penalty.

The only question is 'are you in favour of murder?'. It's a no-brainer.

Barbara Villiers

Too true!

Spence Morris

Babs, I am much more of a woman than you could ever be.


enough already!
Spence, tolerance please. I fully expect that in 2008 the Duchess will have recognised DC as the clearly true blue clever supreme strategist he is and will be beating down doors to drag innocent voters down to vote Conservative.
Lady Castlemaine - DC is more closely related to the Villiers family than DD, a bit of family loyalty from tomorrow please :-)

Barbara Villiers


Noooooooooooo. His wife is related through that Gwyn wench not me!

Anyhoo, he won't be leader in 2008!

Mark Fulford

Barbara... it looks likely that Cameron will get a 2 to 1 majority. If, despite that, Conservatives can't unite behind one leader until 2008, how could the electorate ever trust us in power? It makes me sick that you and your like can be so selfish and hell-bent on getting your own way, you'd rather see the destruction of the party. You're worse than a spoiled child.

Jack Stone

If this party as another leadership election within another fifteen to twenty years I will be surprised as I expect DC to be leader for that long but I think if the party do as Babs suggest and change leader again within a few years the party will become such a laughing stock it will simply be finished.


I personally voted for DC, whilst keeping my fingers crossed that the inexperience factor, would not come to haunt my decision.
We Tories have had nothing to be pleased or excited about for the last Ten years, so this period of revival for the Party needs to be sustained for our collective survival, and to put us back where we belong in Government. Lets give DC a chance to shine in his 20-day spree to show that he really has got the guts and determination to drag this party back to the top!!!!

Barbara Villiers

Mark Fulford-I don't give a toss if he won 99-1 - I don't like him and I am never going to support him. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Nothing you say will ever change my mind so take it where the sun don't shine.

You say I'm spoiled - I say you're a fascist pig. How dare you think you can isult me into seeing it your way.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"The article in The Sun makes Cameron look like a very unpleasant chap all round. I suggest you all try and read it, it is on page 11 of today's Sun."

It's also available here. Well worth a read, if only to get an insight into the leader it appears we're going to be lumbered with for the next 18 months at least.

Mark Fulford

Barbara, your arrogance is astonishing and it deeply disturbs me that someone like you can be even remotely politically aligned to me. You’ll fight everything Cameron does, not because you disagree with it, but simply because you don’t like the man and you don't want him to succeed. I don’t expect you to suddenly convert to Cameron, but I do expect you to respect the collective decision to elect Cameron by giving the man a chance to succeed, unhindered by malicious infighting. If the minority cause this leadership to fail, the majority will move away from a party that is unworkable and unchanged. If you can't abide the party’s decision to elect Cameron, go and start your own little party and see where you get.


The Sun article seems to be riddled with personal spite to me, it is clear Cameron did something to upset this chap but I'm not certain the article gives us the full story. It also has the whiff of a New Labour smear to it, I'm not saying it is not founded in some truth but it looks particularly nasty and well timed - hallmarks of New Labour.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"It looks particularly nasty and well timed."

It's not that well-timed. The optimum timing would have been five or six weeks ago when it could have had some influence on this contest - instead it has been published after voting has closed and will have no impact at all.

Mark Fulford

Daniel, you're bias is allowing you to see too much in one Sun article by a clearly hacked-off hack. It hasn't made me regret my vote one bit. If anything it's reassured me: if Cameron was so hated by the financial press, he's shown great ability by dealing with a hostile press so effectively in this campaign.

James Hellyer

But the campaign wasn't covered by the financial press...

Barbara Villiers

Why is an opinion arrogant to you? I am a free person and when I signed up to this Party I did not sign up for a life sentence. I am free to change my mind, if and when.

It deeply disturbs me that I am politically aligned to an intolerant person like you.

I am hardly likely to fight Cameron as I am not in the Parliamentary Party. However, I reserve the right to vote as I see fit should he take the Party in a direction that I don't feel comfortable with. And that goes for any Leader.

It is amazing that something so clear cut and honest should offend you so much. It is also amazing that you think I should fall in line with your thinking. Who the hell do you think you are?


Barbara love the comments it seems we have a few boys on this blog who are still in short pants who think that they know everything but are probably still hitched up to their mothers. Jack can you get a life untill Cameron comes through with detailed policies etc he can't just presume everyone will back him as you blindly do or doesn't it matter to you what policies we have at the next election?

Daniel Vince-Archer

This blog's been far too quiet today. Are all the Cameronites saving themselves for the onslaught of gloating we can expect following the Doomsday Declaration in a couple of hours' time?


Daniel I think they are out their buying up all the sherry for 3pm.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Unfortunately I have various meetings scheduled this afternoon so will miss the Doomsday Declaration and the immediate aftermath. What a pity.


The best thing would be if Davis gets over 40% it would be at least mean that at least a large section of the party are not armchair generals which I think most who support Cameron can be linked to?

Mark Fulford

Barbara, you've told us on many occasions that you've got lots of Westminster connections - so who knows what damage you can do? But the way the pitch of your posts alters, I sometimes wonder whether you're the same person or if you've been drinking. You are perfectly welcome to disagree with Cameron; you can vote wherever you wish. My tolerance ends when minority factions seek to undermine the will of the majority through deliberate, malicious spoiling.

James, I'm sure you've got some bit of semantics up your sleeve but, for most of us the FT, the Economist and Accountancy Age count as financial press.

Peter, which is more puerile: short-pants comments or the pragmatism to accept that Conservative interests are served better though a united front?

Daniel, I suspect that the Cameronites are finding the incessant anti-Cameron posts on ConservativeHome somewhat boring and irrelevant. I certainly am.

James Hellyer

"James, I'm sure you've got some bit of semantics up your sleeve but, for most of us the FT, the Economist and Accountancy Age count as financial press."


The business pages of the newspapers haven't been covering this contest. The news pages of the business papers have covered the contest.

The article in question is by The Sun's finance editor. He hasn't been covering the contest. Their political editor however has.

So how does this translate into the press hostility you allege the coverage contained?

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