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Chris Palmer

You're getting desperate now, aren't you?

Trinny & Susannah

Coming soon: Frock of the Campaign.


Third for James H - I'd have placed him second. Guido Fawkes was rude twice actually he said of your Dictionary (that I really appreciate and use); "The dictionary is bunkum".

This is the first blog I've ever read, I think you should win Tim! I've enjoyed reading the information and the debates, very enjoyable I'll get withdrawal next week.


Wat Tyler has announced that he will resuscitating "Burning our Money" following the leadership election.

Guido Fawkes

Rude? I was restrained..

Wat Tyler

Thank you Ed...I'm overwhelmed. Mrs T has already cleared a spot on the mantelpiece.

And as Chris says, I'm resuscitating Burning Our Money at

I'm sure it won't be quite as much fun as the leadership contest, but I still live in hope of a Tory Party that is committed to less government, and I want to do what I can to keep us on the right road.

And still ain't over til it's over.

Guido Fawkes

Its over Wat. Let it go. For your family's sake.

EU Serf

Well, what can I say, in the battle of the Bloggers at least, the best man won.

Thanks for the great Blog Tim, I have been following the leadership contest here everyday. I wonder what we would have done without it.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"Second place goes to Guido Fawkes. Always irreverend Guido was very rude about your Editor once (Taliban Timmy!) but his idea of naming DD as Basher deserves applause."

Guido's (or should that be Paul Staines's) failure to beat Wat Tyler to this award has obviously caused Guido to spontaneously combust in consternation - his blog seems to have disappeared. 'Not Found', according to the good folks at Blogger/Blogspot.

James Maskell

Keep trying Daniel, Ive just got through to a blog I visit regularly after seeing the Not Found sign.

Simon C

He's back on line


Hopefully most people on this site will not forget at the next locals and will not do nothing for the party.
With the the result only a few hours a way I would say that Cameron(if be becomes leader) has three tests.
Firstly how he handles in terms of jobs the 42% of the MPs who haven't endorsed him in terms of jobs.
Secondly what style will he handle the commons, public at large and of course the members of this party.
Thirdly and most important when he gets round to putting out policies how good are they. I for one would have a problem not only sticking with the policy on immigration but also the flat tax idea from Cornerstone and Osborne has to be the biggist sucide note out?

James Hellyer

"Third for James H - I'd have placed him second."

That's what we like to hear!


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