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Guido Fawkes

The Biggest Mo' of all was about 1 minute into that Davis conference speech when you knew it was all over for Basher.

It was the funeral speech for Davis' leadership.

Victoria Street

Mr Editor - will you be blogging PMQs as you did with Question Time and the other TV debates? Do you want instant feedback on the new leader's performance?


Cameron's momentum didn't just come from the speech itself but from the totality of the conference campaign which was slick and highly impressive up to the people campaigning at the train station on the way home.

Combining rhetoric with brilliant organization.

Neutral umpire

Rather tactless to award Cameron a RED rosette, don't you think?

Al G

What about when he "had" Paxman? Or was that not as dramatic as he likes to make it sound?


Hello Victoria Street... I'll certainly blog his first PMQs but I've always thought too much is made of PMQs. I'd like DC to turn it into a real question period where answers to real questions are sought - rather than it being an exercise in point-scoring. Is mine a foolish notion?

Your Boss reads this stuff also

Blogging PMQs is a bad idea. By then the election will be over and you can all go back to proper work and start earning your money you idle swine.

Simon C


I agree with your first choice - that's the obvious tipping point of the contest. Not sure about the other two though. What about some events which might leave a more lasting impact on the Party's direction. For example:

Liam Fox's decision to put Human Rights at the heart of Conservative foreign policy?

The series of moments when senior conservatives pledged their support for marriage, including Damian Green & David Cameron.

There's also a case to be made for Cameron's success in refusing to answer any questions about his pre-political personal life. That may have a long-term impact on our political culture. It also diverted attention away from what his actual policy views on drugs were, which may have been more damaging amongst MPs. This is an example of successful spin - see my comments on today's thread about "unacceptable briefings".

Or do these fit better into other award categories?

Research slave

Point noted Boss. Hols over Tuesday afternoon. Oh well.

I Love DC

Ed's right on this one. We need constructive opposition, not punch and judy. Blogging the first PMQs would give an opening to knock DC and we can't afford to damage the new leader.

fox fan

What about unsuccessful candidate who most enhanced his/her reputation by participating in the race? My vote goes to Liam Fox.

rifkind respecter

"What about unsuccessful candidate who most enhanced his/her reputation by participating in the race?"

Best conference speech? Sir Malcolm by a mile.

Simon C

Liam Fox wins the "Winner who didn't win" category.


How about a top 10?

This could also include Performances against Paxman, the points raised by Simon C and the renewed optimism within the party.

Overall, Michael Howard has to be credited with an excellent hand over.


"Liam Fox wins the "Winner who didn't win" category." Er, 'loser who didn't lose', surely?

Disappointed Eurosceptic

I don't know about blogging Prime Minister's Questions - how about blogging the withdrawal from the EPP?


Even if you want EPP withdrawal surely you realise that it takes time to build an alternative coalition?

Disappointed Eurosceptic

That's right, Wasp - it could take over a week and almost as long as Christmas.

"Rather tactless to award Cameron a RED rosette, don't you think?"

Better than pink one!

Alexander Drake

I thought that first prize winners were traditionally awarded a blue rosette!


It's the US Republican in me, Alexander!

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