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Just one more newspaper editor going with what he perceives to be the flow........or do they really think the press can sway elections of any sort - "It Wos The Sun Wot Won It"

Samuel Coates

Great place, Yorkshire.

Jack Stone

What excellent newspapers we have in this country!

Samuel Coates

I'm half a Yorkshire Dalesman - I'm proud of their values, common sense and grit. They are also inclined to be Conservative as the farmers have been royally done over by the EU, CAP and MAF/DEFRA, not to mention the fox-hunters, and the Methodists who dislike the liberalisation of drugs, gambling and drink.

Deckchair of despair

Don't be too cynical, Rick. I don't think it's fair to say that they're just 'going with the flow'. It strikes me as a pretty fair-minded and well-written piece - perhaps the best brief summary of the whole saga that I've seen.

Nelson, Norfolk

The YPs endorsement of DC does not appear to me to be going with the flow.

They allowed space in their paper for both Candidates to outline their agendas.

After due consideration they have as far as I am concerned endorsed the right man.

I would encourage members who have not yet returned their ballot paper to read the YPs article. It might help them to make up their minds about who to vote for.

However, I would encourage them to vote for DC. Remember "If Anyone Can Cameron Can" win votes.


Great place, Yorkshire.

Posted by: Samuel Coates | 30 November 2005 at 13:46

We like it

Barbara Villiers

I wonder if anyone see the small item in the media section of the London Evening Standard. And I quote 'The political correspondents have seemed to reach an independent verdict that Cameron had wowed the delegates while David Davis had flopped. But specialist reporters, particularly at conferneces, hunt as a pack and take their cues from each other. Michael Cockerell, whose programme on the Tory Leadership goes out on BC2 on Saturday night tells me that he asked the correspondents in Blackpool if they were certain Cameron had done so well. Look at how the bookmakers' odds have changed he was told. But the bookmakers, as Cockerell pointed out, had read the verdicts that were already on newspapers websites. That now is how the fate of great parties is determined.'

What an indictment of this whole sorry saga. And the Party members were led like sheep to the slaughter. It only adds substance to my views that the whole Cameron thing has been media orchestrated. Now, I am not saying people wouldn't have voted for him at all but face it, most people are sheep - and if the polls are right then they have bought hook, line and sinker into the media frenzy as did the flip flop MPs. Even if I was not a Davis supporter and merely a disinterest party I would be sickened by this. Well, there's a saying 'the people get the Government they deserve' - well, the Conservatives might just have got the Leader they deserve'. What a thought.

Howard stevenson

And the Party members were led like sheep to the slaughter. It only adds substance to my views that the whole Cameron thing has been media orchestrated


Of all the drivel and insults that you have passed on this site, this is head and shoulders above them all.

Barbara Villiers

Well, here's a better one - you're a moron. And I will not apologise to anyone for saying it. I gave my view and you insulted it-well now I am insulting you.

I didn't ask you to agree. I am so sick and tired of the Cameron supporters viciously attacking anyone who dares to criticise their Prince. Well, get used to it. It's going to get worse.

Howard Stevenson

And thats just what we have come to expect from you. Nowhere in my post did I insult you, only what you write. There was nothing vicious I what I wrote. That is merely you applying your standards to everyone else.

Yet you call me a moron. If thats the level at which you wish debate, thats upto you. Frankly I have no wish to join you in the gutter.

Some of us want to see the Tories win. Regardless of whether that is with DD or DC. Yet you are so blinkered into wanting DD? Why?

Barbara Villiers

Can't take a strong woman can you? You call straight talking viciousness yet you say I talk drivel. If that is not an insult what is? You can't even back your s..t up and admit that you do it.

I don't believe in winning at any cost. David Davis is in my opinion, not yours, the best leader. He is principled, experienced and has good solid policies and ideas. He has gravitas and an understanding of how the other half lives. I happen to prefer policy led politics - I know a rarity in this media led world. I am disgusted at how the media has led this contest around by the nose and so are plenty of other people - not just Tories. The media will turn on your Prince just as sure as the sun rises and then it will be too late. I spent 10 years in PR and I know more about the media than I ever wish to know. So, go on with your petty insults - just be a man about it.

Howard Stevenson

How would you know what my wife is like? What Sh/t? as you elequently put it? The fact you think all Tory members who voted for Cameron are taken in by some media invention? (From your sheep quote above)

Your straight talking that calls me a moron? On the basis of one post? You do not have to be a man or woman to insult people. Children are good at that as well. And who has ever called Cameron a Prince on here? No one to my knowledge except you.


Barbra, we know the media will turn on us, but then again..What hope does David Davis have if the media has never really likes him in the entire campaign...

The media is not the issue, its about impression, DD leaves me cold, Cameron does not...And most notably, despite DD's very conservative and sensible approach (which is good), everyone know's he doesn't really have a chance of winning any general election in the future.

Most tories ahev a first for power, we don't want to be sitting on the sidelines for another 8 years Barbara...

Barbara Villiers


With all due respect, that is your opinion. Mine is that Cameron makes my skin crawl.

The point is Jaz, the media loved Davis before the Conference and then they decided he was crap. Well, one did and the others joined in. This is my entire point here. This contest has been media led and people who are swayed by the media are in my book, morons because they don't have minds of their own. I am not calling everyone who supports Cameron a moron - I am sure at least the people on this blog came to their own decisions but the general public is not like that.

A week before Conference a very well know political pundit told me that Davis was prime minister material. By the time of the last count he had decided that Davis was old hat and Cameron a star. Then, after Question Time, he told me Davis was the man again. God knows what he thinks now. And I don't want to know.

Now do you see why I have a jaundiced view of the media?

Prince Follower and proud

Strong woman?!?! Pah. Good on the Yorkshire Post.


I'm faintly amused that a self-declared Conservative has so little faith in her own party and all its supporters. All sheep, just to be moved around by the media at will. Sounds a little paranoid, to be blunt.

Davis was never electable. His early lead was solely down to seniority, and the dislike he engenders in most of his own MPs seems to have sealed his fate. In retrospect, he did well to make the last two.

Barbara Villiers


Tell me something - do you work at Westminster? If you did then you would understand that what you said is just not the case.

And no, why should I have faith in a Party that elected the biggest lemon ever - IDS. I am not personally disparaging him but he was all wrong as a leader despite his very good points and his now sterling work. I really do admire him. The MPs were just so afraid of Portillo and the members so afraid of Clarke that the were hoisted by their own petard.

hayek's grandad

BV - before the media can turn on us we have to give them the material by turning on ourselves. Until we want to rid ourselves of this Labour government enough that we are willing to avoid telling people that our leader makes our skin creep we will never be able to rid ourselves of the New Labour cancer.

When people like you want to win an election more than you want us to have a leader that exactly replicates your prejudice then we will again be an electoral force. Until then we deserve to be in opposition.


Barbara, your posts above are pathetic.Utterly pathetic.If this is how you behave you disgrace David Davis who has generally been good natured to his opponents and the Conservative party in general.

Barbara Villiers

Oh but we should have a leader that reflects your prejudice?

I don't have to keep quiet - this is not a police state and again, I will chose whom I support and if I stay in this Party. I don't have to subscribe to your fascist credo. Silencing dissenters went out with Soviet Russia.

Oh and if you think the media listens to us, think again - they dictate and idiots follow. If the hat fits...

Barbara Villiers


If you weren't such a wet weekend I'd love to sock you. Anyone who doesn't agree with you is pathetic is that it? Ooo let's all gang up on the girl.


Please stop this slanging match NOW.

I do feel like teacher with naughty children.

Mark Fulford

Editor, the difference is that you've got the power to exclude the children! If this really was a school, we'd say 'yeah, right' and carry on as before.

Richard Carey

Of course media preferences come and go in different outlets - but it is the medium through which we must do the bulk of our campaigning, and for politians to complain about the media is rather like fishermen complaining about the weather.

It is the environment in which we operate. Be professional, acccept it, understand it, work within it and move on.

I can understand a preference for politics decided by policy alone. It would be entirely rational, easily analysed and probably result in 100-point majorities, assuming a completely rational electorate! But the world does not seem to work that way.

We can either rail against it or work within it - the first will have us seeming slightly loony (reading some of the posts above, I wonder why?!), the latter will help us get our message across and win.

One poster above said that they didn't believe in winning at all costs. I wonder if they enter elections to lose, or if they even really understand that you can't do *anything* at all until you win.

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