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Mark Fulford

I've never really understood what all the fuss is about. In the cities we effectively have 24 hour drinking already - you just have to swap venues every several hours. Sadly I'm too old now to keep up the pace.


Mr Cameron's support for more flexible licensing hours is perfectly reasonable. It is absurd that Pubs are currently forced to close at 2300. You can support more flexible licensing laws without supporting the Government's mish-mash of reforms, which are clearly unworkable.

It is churlish to attack Mr Cameron on this.

The truth is that after watching last night's Paxman, previous sceptics like me, are now convinced that David Cameron is the man for the job.

Last night, Mr Cameron showed charm, wit and intelligence to face down Mr Paxman. He clearly has the strength to be a good leader.

There is nothing wrong with re-thinking all policies after yet another diastrous election result. (Having said that, I disagree with him on tuition fees, as they clearly are a major discincentive to poorer students).

Contrast Mr Cameron last night to Mr Davis's woeful performance with Mr Paxman last week where he got entangled into argueing whether his tax policy was a pledge or a 'strategy'. Clearly absurd.

Mr Davis's overall performance has disappointed many of us who previously would have been his natural supporters. By contrast Mr Cameron has exceeded expectations.

I now realise that Mr Cameron has star quality and represents the 'zeitgist' for the times we live in.

James Maskell

Did he vote for or against the Licensing Bill? This is another instance of him supporting and not supporting something. Hes confusing...

I opposed the Licensing Bill and still do as an Act of Parliament. Here in Thanet the public are really worried about this Act. We already have enough problems with alcohol fuelled violence on the Margate seafront. It doesnt help our tourism prospects if the typical scene in Margate are a bunch of people pissed off their faces wandering out of the nightclub and starting to pick fights. Yes we had the Mods and Rockers fights on the beach but this is worse.

The police are too stretched already.

Jack Stone

David Cameron advocates reform of the licensing laws he hasn`t said anything at all about approving twenty four hour opening times which is the basis of the governments bill.
DC is right the licensing laws do need reforming. I would like to see more flexable opening times and also far more notice given to local residents views than is at present.


Absolutely pubs should be able to open till 1 not 11 but there is no need to have pubs open at 5 or 6 am unless its for the 2011 world cup games in New Zealand

Selsdon Man

The reason why the cocktails in Urbium's establishments are cheap is that they contain a lot soda etc. They are not that strong and are a rip-off IMO.

My recommendation is Tiger Tiger's house champagne at £12.50 per bottle during happy hour - 5 to 7pm. A bargain! Happy drinking!


Cameron is still vague, confusing, flip-flopping on serious issues. Supporting something, and yet not supporting it...... Actually he sounds like John Kerry!

Selsdon Man

Simple solution - give local authorities the power to determine licensing hours.


My advice, stay away from Tiger Tiger completely, I get a pint of Cider for £1, oh the joys of being a student!

This is an issue I am actually impressed by Cameron on, following true conservative principles of free market, small government and individual freedom. There is no place for the government to tell us when and when we cannot drink! Cameron is slowly starting to impress me, lets beat back the nanny state. Anyway I'm off to the pub.....


I see that Mr Cameron is thinking of renaming the Conservative Party. How about:"Not The Conservative Party". I believe he has said that he will take all his paternity leave should they have another child. A good idea: it will give him time to think up some policies.

James Maskell

"A good idea: it will give him time to think up some policies"

It would be nice to see some policies from Cameron before the next General Election. It might help with campaigning a bit...


Paxman, who has no idea what conservatives care about or are interested in, didn't actually put Cameron through any kind of serious test. What does he really think about the EU, about education, about welfare, about immigration, about jury trial, habeas corpus, the right to silence and I.D cards? It was a pitiful interview, narrow, absurdly brief, poorly-informed. Paxman's a busted flush. He was all very well being New Labour's anti-Tory attack dog back in the early nineties, but he's never really understood the post-1997 settlement. And neither does Cameron.

I have to break it gently to the Tories, but the BBC and The Guardian will never support or help you if you are doing your job properly. They are on the other side. They praise Mr Cameron and your new politically correct policies because they do not fear a neutered Opposition which offers no real alternative to Labour. When they start calling you 'right wing', you will know you are getting somewhere.


"I see that Mr Cameron is thinking of renaming the Conservative Party"

Neville Chamberlain had the same idea in 1931
"I hope that we may presently develop into a National Party, and get rid of the odious title of Conservative, which has kept so many from joining us in the past."

Churchill in contrast wanted an Anti-Labour alliance with the Liberals under Lloyd George since the Tories needed to win Northern seats to get into power

Chamberlain and Baldwin wanted to fuse the National Government into a new Unionist Party in place of the Conservatives but the India Defence League (IDL) rightwingers blocked this in 1934.


What pathetic drivel JRT. You appear to show classic symptoms of Conservativeitis- A hopeless proportion of our party have become so used to Conservatism being deplored & damned by the public and media, that you appear to be experiencing some sort of lunatic fit just because we've finally found a leadership candidate that appeals to the outer core.

The next five years are about winning people back to the cause: party members, floating voters, Lib-dems, middle England, and above all, the Media.


.....Back from the pub,

Surely what the next 5 years are about is finding the right way to artuculate our idealism and convert the people to our cause. Putting a media friendly face is fair enough, but ONLY if we stick true to our beliefs. Lets hope Cameron will lead instead of following the media and the public.


On the name change, How about...'Your Conservatives'.

Barbara Villiers


If it is any consolation I agree but since this blog became the Cameron Fan Club page we are not allowed to have any opposing views.

Having said that, Cameron did come out unscathed. Paxman really is beyond a joke, a perfect caricature.


Barbara, what do you think of my suggested name change huh?

Barbara Villiers

They may be yours Michael but not mine!

The Conservillier's Party?

...The Barbarative Party!

Barbara Villiers

The second one - now that's more like it!


Is it too late for a lst minute leadership bid? I'd vote you! I can see you now, walking up Downing Street, warmly shaking voters by the neck.

Richard Carey

"Paxman, who has no idea what conservatives care about or are interested in, didn't actually put Cameron through any kind of serious test."

Isn't this the correct answer to the wrong question? Isn't the correct test whether Cameron appeals to people who do *not* currently vote Conservative? We show some significant short-sightedness if we focus on the current (internal) vote with no view to the real one in the country.

Richard Carey

I have to say up-front that this comment should not be taken in a tone of complaint - I am the first to acknowledge that the media represent the environment in which we all have to operate, and that the only way we win is by ensuring that we are all the better players! However...

The headline quoted in Ed's article from the Daily Bile [sorry, Daily Mail] is in my opinion a very good example of how the tabloid media gets away with the kind of behaviour that those of us in politics would have to pay time in hell for.

I don't recall Cameron ever telling Paxman that he supports 24-hour opening for drinking establishments. He did definitely say that he is in favour of reform of the licensing laws, which is far from being the same thing. Let's not get too excited about the Mail making an incredible leap beyond the facts... perhaps it is a tendency that one day they will learn to control!

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