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Wat Tyler

Guido funny? You reckon? I think he is in deadly earnest.

He's 435 years old, his boy's falling behind, and he's under a lot of pressure.


Surely David Cameron's campaign is capable of coming on this blog and telling everyone that they have agreed to the Paxman interview? Even the party chairman came here the other day to solicit views about how to expand the franchise and reach out to our party's supporters.


Or is the Cameron campaign hoping to continue to stall Paxman until most members have already voted?

Guido Fawkes

Cameron should explain his tax policy to Paxman and David Willets should explain David Davis' tax policy.

That would be very funny.


That would be very funny. We've all heard of politicians running away from the media because they are embarrassed (David Willets) or because they have become an embarrassment (Oliver Letwin) but, seriously, who has ever heard of a Conservative Party leadership candidate running away from the media?


Perhaps Cameron's being smart and just waiting until he's seen the treatment DD gets and the Membership's opinions first.

DD's taken the Fox trot over the trenches first. I hope Paxman gives DD the opportunity to talk about himself and his vision/mission for the party instead of Cameron/drugs/young/old boring debate.

Daniel Vince-Archer

If Ruth Kelly had monstered you over the despatch box, and David Davis had got the better of you in a friendly Question Time debate, would you want to face Jeremy Paxman? Besides, I thought bloodsports had been banned in this country!

three feathers

Cameron is a coward.

We want answers

If word gets out he's running scared it will damage him badly. Three Feathers is right - he's a big soft coward. Really shows the man vs boy aspect of this duel.


I remember Mrs Thatcher's refusal to debate with Kinnock really harmed her didn't it? Just as Blair's refusal to debate with Major/Hague/Howard, really harmed him.

midlands man

I am a Dave C. supporter but after Question Time I've decided to wait before I send back my ballot. If it is true that Dave has refused to be interviewed by Paxo he'll loose my vote. If you can't take the heat etc.

Mark Fulford

Why would Cameron want to go on Newsnight? It's bad politics - all risk and no return.

Davis signed-up at a time that he was clutching at straws with nothing to lose. He may get away with it, but it could easily backfire.


Mark's absolutely right.

DC's biggest error was going on QT. With a 50% lead in the polls he should have sat tight and waited for the votes to roll in.

midland man

Gareth, incumbent's always try to avoid giving the opposition the exposure of a debate of equals, but this is very different.
a) Both Davids are seeking our votes, neither has yet been crowned
b) being interviewed by paxo is part of the job and the leader of the opposition should take every chance he can to get his message over.

Former DC supporter

Gareth - what you are suggesting is that DC can only win if he avoids scrutiny. What a terrible message.


Not true. John Major wanted to debate with Blair in 1997 and Blair refused. Those with nothing to lose agree to high risk debates. Those with everything to lose should play saftey first. My respect for DC's tactical skills would be dented if he needlessly took this risk.


DC is cleverly copying the strategy which worked for Blair in 97 - sit on your lead and avoid making mistakes.

James Hellyer

So you'd rather elect a leader and then find out he can't do the job? How is that in the party's interests?

Betty Fowler

I saw Mr Cameron speak at our Association dinner. He really is charming and very brave. I don't believe he would not do the Paxman interview if asked. The BBC are just trying to stop him by not inviting him and make him look like he is running scared.

James Hellyer

I'm sure it took a lot of courage to go your association dinner. However Cameron's camp did confirm he was invited onto NewsNight, but was having "trouble" fitting it into his diary.

Cameron the coward

Cameron the Conservative Coward. As everyone seems to agree that the more exposure he gets the worse he will do I'm going to ring William Hill to see if I can get ods on anaothe rleadership election within 12 months. Unless he goes into hiding we'll see him exposed as a one speech wonder by the year end.

Mark Fulford

James, would it be a real problem to you if Fox came out in support of Cameron?

Betty, even as a DC supporter, your take of the situation seems somewhat patriotic!

Betty Fowler

Mr Hellyer, are you being rude implying that we are an intimidating bunch in our Association? Actually we're rather freindly - I even asked my gardiner to offer nice Mr. Cameron a line, but he said he had his own.

It must be the BBC's fault.

Mark Fulford

BF, go and get a life.


I saw Cameron at a meeting a couple of days ago and he said he had agreed to do Newsnight but not agreed on a date yet.

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