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If you can't do better visuals, Ed, then don't do them at all. Your DD Spam one is really rubbish.

Alastair Matlock

On the contrary, I think it's quite amusing. Where is your sense of humour buxtehude?


I don't know - the image loaded first and I immediately understood what the story was going to be - particularly like the look on DDs face (Just William caught scrumping I think)

Kate Castle

Thanks for asking the question, Tim. I've no complaints about the DD answer, whether DC would have a different view I don't know. It was a noticable difference between the campaigns so I think it was well worth asking.


I think the idea is fine, I just meant the execution. Guido does this stuff better. Sorry, Ed.

Kenneth Irvine

"If anyone does not wish to receive emails they only need to tell us and they are taken off the list. We have had many compliments about the emails and phone messages"

Unless you use "opt-in" lists, you are spamming. Recipients should only receive emails from the organisations whose lists they opted into.

The quote from the Davis campaign is not satisfactory. If they have used email lists procured from party or local association lists with permission from the relevant officials, they are breaking the law. So are activists who obtain such lists surrepticiously and pass them onto the Davis campaign.

Kenneth Irvine

I should add that I have received no direct communications from the Davis campaign - by email or phone. I am registered with TPS so any phone contact would be break the rules.

It would be interesting to know who has received spam emails and if any TPS-registered bloggers have receive campaign emails.

Mike Smithson

Re Bux's comments about your visuals. I like them but we can't all be as good at this as Guido - thankfully!

Adrian Owens

Further to my blog yesterday which seemed to upset Buxtehude greatly, I am TPS registered and received a taped message from DD via a telephone call on Friday.

I only TPS registered to stop double glazing salesmen (incidentally how many others when telecanvassing get hard-of-hearing voters hanging up abruptly because they think the call is about conservatories rather than conservatives) so I wasn't upset by the call from DD and suely the Davis camp statement is appropriate. I seem to remember the Labour party ringing TPS people during the GE and getting away with it in any case!


TPS is only applicable to those organisations which are members which is why it is farcical - it is a voluntary code which does not limit non-members


I got a DD message but he's so boring I gave up and left the phone off the hook while he was talking.

Kenneth Irvine

I have not received any taped messages. TPS is either a deterrent or my vote is not wanted!

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