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Mark Fulford

Don't be daft.

Michael McGowan

I love some of the posts from Cameron supporters who want people to leave the Party. Can I just remind these serial fantasists that First Past the Post currently requires the Tory Party to have an opinion poll lead over Labour of eight to ten points just to get a bare majority at the next election? So an electoral strategy which consists of driving people away, purging them etc etc is not just obnoxious and authoritarian but based on pure self-delusion.


With regards to Michael's point about needing an 8-10 point lead, it is up to our MPs to ensure that the next electoral review leads to fairer boundaries, at least.

They slept through the last review and we paid the price in the last election when we got the most votes in England. I fail to understand why nobody is making more noise about this issue.


Its not just the boundaries.

There are constituencies esp in the North EAst with regularly less than 50% turnout so Labour need less votes to win in their heartlands of the North East than Tories need in the South East.

TC - the last boundary review took place between 1991 and 1995. The resulting boundaries have been used at the 1997, 2001 and 2005 General Elections.

The current boundary review began in 2000 and will end in Summer 2006. If you look at the Boundary Commission website you will see that the Conservatives have been just as vigorous as Labour in making representations and attending public enquiries.

Lots of people seem to have got the impression that the Party is not focussing on this - this is simply not the case.


TC, i definately agree, I however have been making noises about the boundaries for a good while, it robbed Conservatives in Bury of victory in the council election in 2004, when the boundary changes were made in 2002/3, It had caused our party serious electoral harm for a long period of time, one can only hope that the party got its act together for the current review, otherwise winning the next election is likely to be impossible.


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