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Didn't make front page though ! The tabloid content of The Sunday Telegraph will make the broadsheet format embarrassing - no doubt the new all-colour presses will give Sarah Sands the full tableau of The Sunday Express to emulate. The current state of The Telegraph stable is somewhat threadbare and pathetic, a much diminished periodical.

Jack Stone

Yet another anti-media rant from a Davis supporter. How pathetic. Are there any newspapers they do like now that all are supporting David Cameron.


Acually Jack Stone I did not refer to Davis or Cameron. You are an obsessive. My concern was that The Sunday Telegraph has deteriorated and is far inferior to the Barclay Bros other newspaper, The Business.

You really must spring over your own shadow and think of matters other than leadership contests. When what was a major Conservative newspaper deteriorates to the point of becoming absurd, it is noteworthy.

I suggest you count up your pennies and spend £1-40 on a copy today, look at each page and see just how much text there is amidst the huge half-page adverts, and decide if you think this is how you like newspapers - if yes you should subscribe - it is getting to the point where Sunday newspapers are becoming a waste of money.

Mark Fulford

Rick, it did sound like you were poisoning the well... After all, this forum is about a leadership race, not newspaper quality.


The Mail on Sunday has not declared for either candidate. That makes it unique amongst the right-of-centre press.

Barbara Villiers

Well I have it on rather good authority that the plan is to offer Davis such a humilitating post that he will have no choice except to decline.

Ed Vaizey for Shadow Home Secretary anyone?

malcolm thomas

I think it was ill-advised for periodicals and newspapers to take sides in the leadership contest. The Spectator took the side of Cmaeron from the beginning for example, and Fox was given nil exposure.

This to my mind will have alienated a lot of readers, apart from making the above duller. Also why should news-writers and commentators assume support for anyone? Their job is purely to report and comment, not assume the decision-taking role.

Well done, the Mail on Sunday. I hope the others all suffer a drop in circulation to your gain. You deserve it for staying out of it. It's often individuals on the papers who are trying to gain advantage by declaring support anyway.

John Coulson

Barbara - We agree on most things but I am prepared to put good money on Davis remaining in a job as big (if not the same) as his present job. It would be folish for Cameron not to do that (OK, Cameron is a fool). However, on another matter: If Cameron persists in keeping that boy Osborne as Shadow Chancellor then it just shows what a pathetic man he really is. Vaizey and Gove deserved to be deselected, not to mention Theresa Villiers.

We are currently members of a party that has these disgraceful individuals among its numbers.I hope we see mass walk outs from the Parliamentary party on the 6th should the petulant boy win.


Seeing John Coulson leave the party is the best reason I know for voting for David Cameron.

James Hellyer

"Ed Vaizey for Shadow Home Secretary anyone?"

I doubt it. We're all aware of David Cameron's inexperience, and all the papers which have endorsed him have stresssed the need for him to pack his Shadow Cabinet with big hitters to compensate for that.

James Maskell

The Mail has leaned towards Cameron, I feel. It did criticise Cameron over his refusal to answer the "did he or didnt he?" question but it has praised him for making the stand and for what he offers the party.


Perhaps Barbara and John Coulson will form a Party all to themselves and we can vote for them. Heaven forbid!

James Hellyer

"The Mail has leaned towards Cameron, I feel. It did criticise Cameron over his refusal to answer the "did he or didnt he?" question but it has praised him for making the stand and for what he offers the party."

I suspect that they aren't too keen on Cameron, but are even less keen on backing the losing candidate again.

Barbara Villiers


I only hope you are right and I am wrong but they are a bitchy little lot.

James Maskell

No one likes to back a loser, so you're probably right there. They were pretty tough with Cameron but they havent been singing many praises of David Davis.


John Coulson of these pages? I wonder?


John C will soon reply to your post no doubt as he usually manages to get round my attempts to ban him but I have banned his latest IP address for offensive posting. Let's just say that John Coulson is not the only name he uses on this site.

Chris Palmer

"Let's just say that John Coulson is not the only name he uses on this site."

I think some people had guessed the obvious already. Perhaps you might consider logins in the future.


John C assures me that he is not responsible for the other post and I've chosen to believe him.

Chris: Security will be enhanced on this site soon..

John Coulson

Thank goodness for that!

Chris, I would prefer if you stopped trouble making. I know you are a Cameroon but that doesn't mean it is obligatory for you to whip up trouble, double-cross, back-stab and ridicule (although it is apparent it helps you get on in their clique).

Simon C

"Ed Vaizey for Shadow Home Secretary anyone?"

Vaizey had a diary piece in the Evening Standard's magazine a week or two ago in which he said that he shouldn't get a job because he was too new into Parliament and because it would smack too much of jobs for the boys. He's right on both counts - and it's reassuring to see that sort of signal coming out from the Cameron camp.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Vaizey will probably get a junior shadow ministerial post at first and worm his way upwards from there over the next few years.

Mark Fulford

Barbara, from you of all people, this made me laugh: "they are a bitchy little lot".

Tarquin de Vere Montmorency Twistleton-Wickham-Fiennes

Good to hear that security is being upgraded. There's a suspicion that some people have been logging messages under false names.

Barbara Villiers

Oh yes Mark, when a man is strongly opinionated he is a forthright fellow but when a woman is, she is a bitch.

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