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I am familiar with both the pamphlet and the 'concept' you refer to. My assertions remain. Removing a fucntion of the state and replacing it with charitable provision is 'privatising' it, just as much as replacing it with a profit-making provider.

Ian Sider

First of all its a book, not a pamphlet. Secondly, no function of the state is being 'removed'. The state is still providing the funding, a variety of organisations are allowed to provide the service. And the user is allowed to choose what is best for them. Thus the function remains as does the state funding. I don't believe this satisfies standard definitions of privatisation.


Jack,I know I'm not supposed to be rude to people on this blog but you are getting seriously BORING.Every post is essentially the same whatever the subject of the thread.Can't you for once think of something different to say?

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