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Oberon Houston

Well, there is still the point that we must be careful what we say. Using broad brush statements can irritate people. I hated it when Fox talked about mending "our broken society". To a lot of decent people out there enjoying their lives - in society - this can be seen at an attack on their lifestyle. New Labour are far better at their choice and use of language than many Tories are. It annoys me besause it is throwing votes away. Too many Conservatives view politics as a spectator sport. We need more Conservatives treating politics as - politics.

Oberon Houston

Anyway, off to Edinburgh. Going to watch the Scotland hammer the New Zealand tomorrow.

Richard Weatherill

Which, regrettably, is probably more likely than David Davis winning!


"No. Davis is standing up for the majority of people who *don't* binge drink and behave in a rowdy lout-like manner. It's a matter of whose side do you take: The binge-drinkers, or those whose lives are made worse by them?

Posted by: John Hustings | 25 November 2005 at 14:40 "

And so is Cameron, just using better language which doesn't insult the vast majority of people who will be out drinking tonight without causing trouble!

Many people drink and even (shock horror) binge drink without acting like louts, these people are the majority and we should not be alienating them in order to deal with the minority who do cause problems.

Daniel Vince-Archer

To be fair, I regularly indulge in what might be loosely-termed as binge drinking, but I wasn't offended at all by what David Davis said. I just think it's been blown out of all proportion by Cameron and his supporters trying to twist Davis's words to make out he was attacking everybody that does go out in city centres of an evening.


Many people drink and even (shock horror) binge drink without acting like louts, these people are the majority ...

In most countries the bulk of alcohol is consumed in the home in the THT segment, but Britain is counter-trend in that the proportions are reversed and more is consumed outside the home..........this probably accounts for the activity on the streets.

In the US often the barman or even the host at a private party may be sued should an accident occur after alcohol has been provided - this is the whole area of American liability cases being elastic.

If there is a problem with drunks the police should just resort to random breathalyser tests on motorists and check the tyres etc to add a few points.

For the others, just use the Public Order Acts and bus them into a drunk tank and confiscate phones, credit cards etc for safekeeping and leave them for 20 hours or so to dry out.


Have a good time Oberon,I think Scotland will do well to stay within forty points.But after watching the All Blacks nasty cynical illegal way of playing I wish the Jocks the best of luck.Probably the only time I've thought that since one terrible day in Edinburgh in 1990 when being at Murrayfield and later in the Royal Mile was a complete nightmare.


So Oberon like Ernst Young you think that you actually know the future? have you been talking to mystic meg? So two magazines and one overrated American is many Economists, the answer to that is "I don't think so". Rick I would suggest we shouldn't just take the CBI through on this as they tend to be wrong on most things(single currency etc) and like the unions are just a pressure group?
The problem is for people who are left with a vote is what timetable you think the Labour government is following. I've been told that at area level the Labour government is planning an election for 2008(to miss out on the EU election). With this there will be a leader and deputy leadership election in 2007. Know the Cameron stratergy will be risky because if we wait till 2008 it be allover in terms of us putting policies out and the press/media will only be looking at the Labour party(Brown,Milburn,Meacher etc) in 2007. With that we need to get out our policies in 2006 and out of the candidates only David Davis is going to meet that committment & with that please anyone on this blog get people who have not yet voted not only to see his plans on student fees, tax etc but to vote for David Davis. Sorry Tim for the longness of this post.

Jack Stone

It doesn`t matter when the next election is one thing is clear. With David Davis you definatly lose. With David Cameron you will win. I know what one I would rather vote for!

Barbara Villiers

So now you are a fortune teller, Jack? Tell you what - stick to your day job and learn how to spell.


It doesn`t matter when the next election is one thing is clear. With David Davis you definatly lose. With David Cameron you will win. I know what one I would rather vote for!

Posted by: Jack Stone | 26 November 2005 at 12:09

Is English your first language Jack ? I cannot believe that the education system is so pitiful that it turns out functional illiterates at great public expense. Or maybe you are just an Old Etonian trying to be pleb..........? Either way it comes over as very one-dimensional - do you have your bedroom walls covered with autographed "Dave" Cameron posters ?

Oberon Houston

Well, back from the rugby (don't ask). Thought I would return to this tread and see where it ended up. Bit disappointed. I just wonder if some of the Bloggers on this site talk to people in a similar fashion face to face. A suggestion to some would be to put your real identity down on the Blog, instead of hiding behind made up names and insulting people with impunity. Shame on you. Tut tut.

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