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Samuel Coates


Please don't insult my intelligence - I was at the hustings (in the front) and I know exactly who said what.

Posted by: Barbara Villiers"

I'm sorry you think I was insulting your intelligence by merely pointing out that over the series of hustings the two candidates have been using many of eachothers phrases and quips, and don't see how your sitting at the front at the latest hustings is relevant.

With respect, lets keep the tone here constructive.

Guido Fawkes

Babs V - she is some girl 'eh?

James Brown is a traditional Labour voter - the fact that he could consider voting Cameron is great for the Tories.

BV might detest him, but this is Britain as it is today, not as you might imagine or want it to be.


this is Britain as it is today, not as you might imagine or want it to be.

No but some people still wish it could be better. What was it Oscar Wilde said about all of us being in the gutter, but some of us looking at the stars !

Barbara Villiers

What, Guido? Venal, superficial, selfish and amoral? I am passionate about politics because perhaps I am naive enough to think it makes a difference to people's lives.

My generation did it with Vietnam. We made a difference and we forced a Government to do the right thing. I am proud to have taken an active part in ithaving spent the first part of my life in the States. We got rid of a corrupt president in Nixon. And then Jaz says 'lying is part of the job'. How utterly cynical and how badly that bodes for his generation and our country.

David Davis summed it up for me when the spoke of a 'new Tory idealism' - that is what made me a supporter.

Members of this Party now want to put in another liar - because that is what he is - a liar and I defy any Cameron supporter to deny it.

Barbara Villiers

Oh, and by the way, before you accuse me of being an old fogey, I just ran Jaz' line about 'lying being part of the job' by my 18 year old son who was frankly disgusted by the concept.He said that if that was what politics was about no wonder kids like him were disillusioned. And he's no Tory boy.

P.S. And Jaz, before you become dismissive about dinosaurs let me tell you that I'm a member of the Groucho and therefore a witness to many of James Brown's more louche episodes - so much for my being a 'shires matron'


P.S. And Jaz, before you become dismissive about dinosaurs let me tell you............ so much for my being a 'shires matron'

Is that what they're accusing you of Duchess ? Terrible. These gophers for ad-men have no respect.

Oberon Houston

Who is Babs? The mystery Continues. Is it Sams Mum?

Midnight Blue

The viciousness and tone of some people on here is quite hideous, you'd never guess that we all supported the same party. Whichever candidate you prefer, being offensive and slinging insults and abuse doesn't make you look good, some people should really think about what they post before they post it

Barbara Villiers

So Midnight Blue, since when is telling the truth vicious - Cameron LIED about the way he voted. That is the vicious action - not our dismay about it.

If you think that for a minute I am going to condone that and gloss over it for the sake of winning then you are mistaken. No Party is worth compromising my principles.


I listen to people who say we got to wait for the markets before cutting taxes, I can just see Margaret doing that in 79 when she cut out the 83% band of income tax.
Grow up Davis has a plan, Cameron doesn't(at least at this moment) even supporters of Cameron who aren't on his team say this. With this the question for people thinking of voting for Cameron is do you really want to give him a blank cheque? most people who have views in the end say no.

But in '79, the narrative was about economic reform, today it is about quality of life.

Conservatives, need to create stronger communities, that should be the basis for our narrative of 2005.

Oberon Houston

Most economists disagree with the Davis plan.

Barbara – I find your slightly hysterical language tiring. Do you work at Millbank?


I agree with you Midnight Blue.A very depressing thread (again).


A list of names please Oberon or was that just a wishfull statement by you?


If you don't think a 83% tax band has a effect on someones' quality of life than no wonder you keeping quiet on who you are?


Most economists disagreed with Mrs T too

Oberon Houston

Names? For BV?

Barbara Villiers

And I find your blind obeisance equally annoying - are you sure that YOU don't work at Millbank?


Jules maybe so but she not only won three terms but she also changed the Labour party from a demand side party to a supply side one.
Oberon I meant economists that back your statement?

Barbara Villiers


You'll have to forgive the Cameroonies - they are absolutely cock-a-hoop at the endorsements by the Sun (snigger, snigger) and the Telegraph who used to inform Tory opinion but now are mere camp followers.


No Party is worth compromising my principles.

Posted by: Barbara Villiers | 25 November 2005 at 09:49

You are correct in this !

howard stevenson


Another thread decends into benality, personnal insults and away from constructive criticism of either candidate.

It is worth pointing out that it is the same people again. When will they learn?


Peter - yes THATS my point - they disagreed - and she won three elections - so who was right?


I'm hoping Barbara(for their sake) that most of them get past page three. Its a bad day when you can win on style alone these days, no wonder I'm more interested in Russian and Central European polics at times.

Midnight Blue


I didn't say that telling the truth was vicious, I said and still believe that conducting a debate with the strident and aggressive style you use, doesn't make you or anybody else on this site look good. Your description of creeps and gobshites earlier on this thread is just one example.

I'm not saying you're wrong in your principles, but the way you (and others) lay into people in such a nasty way, doesn't do us any favours at all

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