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« Question 6: Given average Tory member's age is over 65 how would you win younger voters' support? | Main | Question 8: in today's Britain do you think drug-taking is part of an ordinary university experience? »


James Maskell

Nice and easy for them I guess. A confidence booster for both of them I think.


Cameron missed the easy win.


Neither scored big, but DD's line about restoring rural rights easily topped Cameron's weak attempt. There's no way Cameron will last 5 minutes in front of Labour's machine: he doesn't know what to do once the PR releases run out.

Countryside Ally

Some of us were looking for leadership on this issue and Cameron didn't give it. We've seen what "free" votes are worth.

Jack Stone

I am afraid defending fox hunting is simply not going to win the party back support. My advice to DC would be kick the thing into the long grass and I think his answer was exactly in the party`s best interest.

Ed R

The trouble is, members want him to say "yes!!" but the swing voters will broadly want him to say "no!!". The views of both are a matter of public record, so it would be best to keep quiet on the subject really so they can get into power and change it. Cameron handled it as diplomatically as possible. But I already know people who had held hopes for Cameron (and one for Davis) who were turned off by their responses to the hunting question. Very irritating.

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