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Guido Fawkes

Tumbleweed here as well. Off to get another bottle.


How widely quoted is the 'couldn't run a bath' comment likely to be tomorrow do you think?

James Hellyer

Very! Loved the way Cameron's face fell!


I thought the "bath" questioner made himself look like a moron, and allowed Cameron to pick up some easy affability points.

Richard Carey

"How widely quoted is the 'couldn't run a bath' comment likely to be tomorrow do you think?"

It will be very widely quoted, I'm sure - don't we all love quoting a prat rather than reporting the details of the debate? (This blog excepted, Ed, obviously!)

Given the way that Cameron has been characterised, perhaps unfairly, by a few commentators until now, maybe being slagged off by the "Tory Boy" wally there in the audience might even do him a power of good!


I hapen to think 90 days is fine. But the Boy David didn't look good, did he?

Honest Ron

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Can Cameron run a bath?

James Maskell

He mumbled at the end. Idiot. If you are going to give a Simon Cowell job (and that could have been brutal if delivered effectively) do it properly. The way to do those is to calm yourself down and say it calmly. Say it with some umph and DC would have looked like Jesus. He would have been nailed!

Richard Carey

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Can Cameron run a bath?"

Do you really think this kind of childish response looked good on the questioner? (In this, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he came from "the other 50%")

Perhaps a more appropriate remark, given your "question", Honest Ron, would be "Should we be drinking what you're drinking?"

Probably not...

James Maskell

I think he thought of it when he was sitting there. I know what its like. Its a bad idea and I have learned the hard way. You do not think of sly remarks off the cuff. If you are going to do that, you do it properly or not at all. Amateur mistake.


Honest Ron asked "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Can Cameron run a bath?"

There have been a number of childish attacks on DC over the last few days. It's wrong to judge him on the basis of one intense TV performance.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"It's wrong to judge him on the basis of one intense TV performance."

Where were you when the media judged him to be the best thing since sliced bread on the basis of one speech?


Incidentally, I though some of you may be interested to know that the chap who made the Cameron "couldn't run a bath" quip was William Aitken son of disgraced former MP Jonathan Aitkin. We musn't forget that his father serves as the time-honoured reminder of why we're so detested by much of the public at present and irreparably tarnished reputation.

Still, I'm left wondering whether daddy has been offered a safe seat under Davis?

Sadly, I left feeling that the real loser in this televised debate was the Conservative Party itself. Could we possibly project a more divided image of ourselves between two extreme poles: Modernisers v. Traditionalists. How that repellant Labour Party must be lapping this up - Just imagine a head to head debate of Brown V. Blair!

This debate should have taken place privately for the benefit of Tory members not the entire electorate.

James Hellyer

Loveley smear attempt, Sam. It's obviously too much for you to believe that as former MP's som might be interested in politics. Heaven forbid!

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