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Kate Castle

This has been compelling viewing Tim, & I've spent far too much time on here today. Pleased to say that so far my vote has been re-inforced. I agree with you on this one, the primary plan could go a long way in showing that we can be more open in our democracy than the other parties and it'd be good experience for the leadership contenders in the future to have more important hustings events around the country. I like the US model and think it would suit the Conservative Party.


Why not.It's not as this is a remotely important job.If it works it could be used as a test to see whether more worthwhile positions should be elected by primaries.It might even result in the party having better candidates to choose from than Jeffrey Archer or Shagger.


DC gave the same answer to me in Winchester, so he gets full marks for consistency. He also indicated that it was not a priority for him. I hope that we can retain the present system which has served us so well this time.


Oh dear, this comment was meant to be for question 12. It has been a long day and I am beginning to suffer from question fatigue - and we have still got to go through Newsnight yet.


Pro: the current elongated leadership process has been good for the party.

Con: primaries in the US have resulted in numerous problems. "Campaign wisdom" completely straitjackets the candidates, and partly as a result you end up with lengthy lists of giveaways to interest groups (often the extremist & completely unrepresentative ones)


Selsdon Man

The US primaries are truly open - any one can stand. That is not what is being suggested here. The electorate gets to choose from a party-selected shortlist.

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