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James Burdett

With regard to the EPP conundrum, if he presents a new grouping of Centre-right non integrationist parties within the European Assembly then he may be able to pull out of the EPP without causing too many ructions.

James Hellyer

"On the back page it carries endorsements from the likes of Bruce Anderson, Charles Moore, Steve Richards and Mary-Ann Sieghart"

I thought the flyer was supposed to persuade people to vote for the candidate?!?

Oberon Houston

What is it Private Eye calls her in their spoof articles by her? Mary-Ann Bighead? I note that the 'eye has also puublished a comparison of a model and Cameron... its on their on-line site too...

Can you tell which one is the real David?


You do have to admit that CAmeron's flier is a lot better than davis' although i love the photo on the front cover of dd.

The declaration is not silly, i've already had my hands on a dead person's ballot paper.

Ben O

"I thought the flyer was supposed to persuade people to vote for the candidate?!?"

Well your posts always influence me to vote for David Cameron, James.

James Hellyer

But that's because you're totally deranged!

Daniel Vince-Archer

"Well your posts always influence me to vote for David Cameron, James."

The Cameronite charm offensive continues I see...


People shouldn't bother about tactics and party unity etc. Cameron has been the inevitable winner since the first round results were announced, so you're not bound by such considerations any more.

Vote for who you prefer - a positive endorsement for a particular candidate is the democratic ideal. An electorate that accidentally elected IDS knows all to well the dangers of voting against, rather than voting for.

Baxter the Rabbit

Yeah, voting for IDS proved the members are idiots; ergo their voting for Cameron will prove?

Kate Castle

Just voted. And while I've been impressed with Davis in the last week or so, it wasn't enough to make me think we could make the big jump to government.

While it was never likely to influence my vote the Cameron leaflet covers a lot more ground than the Davis one. Davis' really didn't seem to offer much original thought.

Kate Castle

Probably should actually say I voted for Cameron, although it's fairly obvious from my last comment.


Not quite: voting for IDS proved that tactical (negative) voting can produce crazy results. Regardless of what you think of the man (and I quite like him otherwise), it was immediately clear he could never win a general election. He simply does not have the appearance and persona of a leader, and that's fatal in modern (for which read pseudo-presidential) British politics.

Personally, I'd like to see him as a cabinet minister for something like pensions - extremely important area, but technical rather than populist. I suspect he'd do a rather good job.

Cllr Graham Smith

Well, I got through to the hustings line at my third attempt. First time I tried, the phone disconnected after listening to 18 mins worth of "your call is important to us". Next time the line went blank after 15 mins.

Third attempt got through in under 3 mins only to be told that my name was not on the database (although my wife's was). It turns out the software being used identifies the last word of member's name line as being the surname (full marks to Andy Steadman for identifying the problem), so those of us with post-nominal letters had better watch out - make sure you give your name as Mr OBE!

Eagle eyes

Private Eye compares David Cameron to a dummy.

Oberon Houston asks "Can you tell which one is the real David?"

Obvious - Cameron is the one ON THE LEFT.


Sean Fear: if we can weed out pro-EPP Euro-candidates at the next selection round, do we need a Cameron leadership to get what we want?


Will vote for Cameron, but one question. Why are the anmes on the ballot paper not in alphabetical order? Not sure it makes much difference - although conspiracy theorists may have a ball - but just wondered as it is unlike any ballot paper ever!

Richard Allen

Louise, if you actually look at your ballot paper you will see that it says

"The order in which the candidates are listed was decided by the toss of a coin"


Thanks Richard. Perhaps I should open my eyes...

Seems utterly bizarre. Not quite sure what the Returning Officer has against the alphabet. It seems to work in every other election but we have to be different it seems.


News from the latest campaign meeting of the DC roadshow, in Fareham. Pick of the questions/answers.

On defence - would he increase spending? He would not commit, but would initiate a thorough review while in opposition.

Would carbon taxes hurt our economy, while not having any effect on global warming, as US, China, India etc are not signed up? He suggested that Kyoto would need replacing in 2012, and that the other major nations should be involved.[seems a bit optimistic]

Will he be interrogated by Paxman? Yes, he's fitting it into his schedule, though he dislikes the confrontational style.

Will he reconsider leaving the EPP? No, we must be consistent in what we say and do.

The audience of about 130 were very attentive and supportive.

Kenneth Irvine

How many of the posters are planning to donate money to cover the costs of the ballot? It is important that the vote covers its cost like the one in 2001.


"It is important that the vote covers its cost like the one in 2001."

No. The party establishment didn't want me to have a vote. And they wasted millions on an appallingly run election. So I don't feel like giving them any money right now. I'll wait for a regime that doesn't annoy me.

Alastair Matlock

Kenneth Irvine - I posted ballots back for my wife and I this afternoon and we both enclosed donations. I don't see much point in people having chips on their shoulder as buxtehude seems to have - we're all supposed to be in this together in support of a good cause - The Conservative Party.

Peter Harrison

Firstly to Louise - non-alphabetic ballot papers are fairly common. The National Trust, for example, lists candidates for election to its Council in random order. The same used to be true of Mensa but I left that organisation a few years back so I don't know if it is still true.

Secondly to buxtehude - whilst I am not a member of the Conservative Party, I come across this attitude in a number of organisations of which I am a member and it irritates me intensely. You may be annoyed with the Party "establishment", but how is withholding your donation going to punish them? It just means the Party (i.e. the members) has less to spend on making its case to the country. If you are a member of the Party, you ARE the Party. Not donating is cutting off your nose to spite your face.


"chips on their shoulder as buxtehude seems to have"

Alastair, you have no idea what I do or don't do for the party. Maybe I do much more than you? Maybe much less. Dismissing my point as a 'chip on my shoulder' is absurd. My point is, I felt the party establishment's attempt to deprive us of our say revealed something astonishing about them.

Peter, you say "If you are a member of the Party, you ARE the Party." That is precisely what was undermined by that attempt to change the rules.

That is why I would definitely not give money in this context.

Many people these days give money for specific purposes in the party, and don't like it simply to go into a general pot. What if Lord ashcroft's £2million had gone to Central Office instead of to candidates in marginal seats? Would that have helped more? Another wasted ad campaign for Lord Sattchi, perhaps?

No, party members are wising up and, in the long run, that should be good for the party. Your implied idea that having joined up, we should pay up and shut up is not my idea of involvement in a democratic process.


It is worth remembering that the attempt to change the rules was doing what the members wanted.

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