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John Coulson

I have voted. It's DD for me!

Mark Fulford

I think it's very unlikely that DD will change his message enough to cause me any dilema about voting DC, but I don't see the point in the next month unless we at least hang-on and listen to what the candidates are saying.

modern conservative

Yes, I'm going to hang on until the last minute so that my vote can be lost in the Christmas post!

Selsdon Man

The Davis leaflet carries the old branding seen on his first web site.

As for voting, I have a current view but will wait for the televised interviews and the hustings before making a final decision.


I think it's crucial that the parliamentary party and the voluntary party are in tune with each other. 100 MPs have backed DC - For the sake of Party unity and to give Cameron a real mandate, I hope members will get behind him and vote for him.

Sean Fear

I think it is most unlikely that I will not be voting for David Davis.

Selsdon Man

Roger Helmer MEP and Chris Heaton-Harris MEP have just issued a joint statement headed "It has to be Cameron". It states

"One policy difference that does impress us is Cameron's clear commitment to take MEPs out of the European Peoples' Party group in the European parliament. It may not be a big issue in the overall scheme of things, yet it sets out a clear marker on policy. But this is one of the few things a conservative Leader in the opposition can deliver. No longer will we talk a good euro-sceptic story in England, only to go and cosy-up to the federalists in Brussels.

"We are concerned that Davis has been equivocal on this issue, with some of his lieutenants telling sceptics "Vote Davis -- he'll have us out of the EPP in two years", while others tell former Clarke supporters "Vote Davis because he'll keep us in". We believe that politics should be based on clear principles, and we are not impressed by prevarication."

Cameron will to deliver his commitment on withdrawing from the EPP.

Europe is a weak point for Davis. Are members really going to elect someone who whipped through the Maastricht Treaty when last time they chose a Maastricht rebel to lead the Party?

James Maskell

We should vote for someone because the MPs said to...I think thats a poor argument. The vote was fought for so that the membership could choose who to represent them. The MPs have had their turn and it is now the memberships time. This is a free choice for every voting member to choose. They should remember that MPs voted in favour of Cameron but understand that the choice is theirs not the MPs.


James M - It is not an argument. I agree with you 100%. It is an important consideration for those who are genuinely undecided.

Selsdon Man

That was not my point James. It was that Cameron will be under pressure to deliver his policy on the EPP.


The EPP story is interesting. The Cameron camp rightly say they need to focus on issues the electorate care about - yet the EPP policy (no matter how important) isnt one that the public could give two figs about.


Am I alone in being profoundly irritated by the declaration form attached with the ballot paper which states that I am only voting once ? This seems both patronising and unnecessary. If the party really wants to control this it should run a computer check on returned ballots to ensure that there are no duplicate names. Otherwise it should just remind members that they are only allowed one vote and leave it at that.
Surely party members of all people can be treated as responsible people.

This requirement destroys the confidentiality of the vote. I also suspect that a considerable number of members, particularly elderly ones, will not read or notice the full instructions and will be disenfranchised as a result.

It is Francis Maude who could not run a bath let alone a political party.


I will vote in the final week.

Today DC is again visiting Hampshire [ there are a lot of votes here!] I will go along, and report on any interesting developments. I will try to ask if he is taking the Paxo challenge!


I was actually surprised (and pleased) that it is not necessary to have the declaration countersigned by someone else. For a postal vote for council or parliamentary elections the declaration of identity needs to be signed by someone else stating that the voting signatory is the person to whom the paper was issued, and without that second signature the postal vote is declared invalid.

Cllr Iain Lindley

On the election address the blank platitudes come from Davis - "we need to win in the north" and "Davis is the man to do it" but no indication of how!


One candidate is a flat-rate taxing, privatising, pro-war Old Etonian Tory called David, while the other is a flat-rate taxing, privatising, pro-war Old secondary modern Tory called David.
What more choice do you want?

Selsdon Man

"Am I alone in being profoundly irritated by the declaration form attached with the ballot paper which states that I am only voting once ?"

Some people are members of more than one association, John C e.g. home and work. They may receive more than one ballot paper. The declaration is therefore a reasonable requirement.

Selsdon Man

David Davis is against flat tax, Frizzled

Oberon Houston

Thanks for putting up the phone number, I had to phone home and get the reference number and book a place incase there were none left this evening!

The call centre was very quick and efficient. I will be posting my vote back tomorrow as I have already pledged support for Cameron. Just like Willets did for Davis.

Wat Tyler

I love the Secret Squirrels style double code number routine. When I phoned, I was expecting my handler to tell me I had to go to the second phone box at Pimlico tube station and await further instructions.

The egret has landed.
I repeat.
The egret has landed.


Saw a lot of egrets whilst out birdwatching at the weekend so you're in good company Wat!
I'd be careful about leaving it 'until the last week Derek.With our magnificent postal system you could find yourself disenfranchised.


I like the sound of pulling out of the EPP - but what happens if the 90% of our MEPs who want to stay in the EPP refuse? Is Cameron planning to expel them?

Alastair Matlock

My wife and I both received our ballots in this morning's post. We have already voted for Cameron, enclosed our cheque and I will be posting them back shortly. So, that's two more for DC!

Sean Fear

Sceptic, that is a problem.

I would wait till we select the Euro candidates towards the end of next year, and just weed out the ones who want us to remain within the EPP.

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