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John Coulson

BW if you are referring to me you are very wrong.

I donated a huge amount of my time to the GE campaign in April and May. The reason I often get irate is because I see our great party that should be the bastion of freedom, responsibilty and high principle being taken over by individuals who are the opposite to these principles. They would sell their souls for power and I don't believe actually care for this country.

Mrs Thatcher once declared: "I've been elected to change the facts".

I can imagine David Cameron saying: "I've been elected, wayhey!, back to my place for some beers and we can sort out who gets what office."


Posts like the one above really do depress me.There are many bright, open,committed individuals who spend time blogging on this site and then we get people like John Coulson whose hatred of Cameron clouds his judgement entirely and results in a series of utterly ludicrous and very boring posts.

John Coulson

Malcolm - if DC is elected he will do something deplorable in his first week in the job. I can almost imagine the man/(boy) physically removing Baroness Thatchers membership card, ripping it up before pushing her down the stairs. I have never met him but that is the impression I get of him. I may be wrong but I really do fear for our party under his leadership.


You're just embarassing yourself John.Why don't you keep quiet until and unless you have any evidence to back up your assertions.At the moment you have nothing.


I don't think Archer should come back because of the nature of his crime. There is one Labour MP is an ex-con but I don't think thats a problem. The real danger is that Archole was jailed for perjury, if he lies in court then how can he be a parliamentarian?

Look to Cameron making this a Clause 4 issue.


Look to Cameron making this a Clause 4 issue.

Forget this totemic rubbish. Clause IV was passed at the 1918 Labour Conference as a sop, it was basically meaningless - the German SPD dropped their commitment in 1957 Bad Godesberg Program - it just took Labour longer, but it had no importance.

The first act of nationalisation (after Henry VIII) was The East India Company being dissolved, and later when Disraeli nationalised the undersea telecom cable which became the basis for State control of wireless telegraphy.

If the Conservatives want to play this "Clause IV" ritualistic slaying of some sacred cow they will make themselves look stupid. It was a meaningless gesture by Blair and because it was meaningless it was passed - the Clause has always been irrelevant.

Chris Palmer

John Coulson: "BW if you are referring to me you are very wrong."

Guilty conscience John?

Cllr Iain Lindley

Anyone worried about either candidate "ripping up Thatcher's membership card" can read the CWF response to both candidates and rest easily assured. :)

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