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Sorry to Nelson of Norfolk for posting this survey 48 hours after I promised to!

Nelson, Norfolk

Thank you Mr Editor for posting the survey. Unlike your previous survey I think that on this one the same person can vote as many times as they wish. Can you correct this.

Simon Dodsworth

They can't. I've 'tested' it!


heh I was just going to ask how long it would be till the DD supporters accussed DC supporters of voting twice...

James Maskell

I want a recount!

James S

I tested it too, and managed to vote twice...


Does anyone know how many ballot papers have now been returned?

James Maskell

The last I heard was a third. I think I said that yesterday but I guess you mustve missed it.

Cllr Iain Lindley

It's been "a third" for nearly a week, surely some people have sent theirs back in the interim?

James Maskell

That was the last I heard of it. It might be clser to 40% now, but to be honest who here really knows?


Michael, James, Iain:

An impeccable source tells me it has just risen above 40%.

Al G

So that's more like half way really...


Could we please have the option 'Neither of the above'

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