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So the story is, he was subjected to rigorous vetting and, erm, then got the job.

Wow. That's real dynamite if ever I saw it.



they meant reclassify as in classify to Class B again from Class C. The doctors concluded there was insufficient evidence to suggest that cannabis was linked to mental illness.


So the story is, he was subjected to rigorous vetting and, erm, then got the job.

Wow. That's real dynamite if ever I saw it.

Posted by: Gareth | 21 November 2005 at 07:49

Why ? Dennis Healey became Defence Secretary even though he had been a member of the CPGB in the 1930s which would disaqualify him from working in any defence establishment.

Blackmail is not a problem so long as MI5 can blackmail the politician and not the FSB. Do you really believe that politicians are not squeezed to fall in line ? J. Edgar Hoover built an empire on blackmailing politicians on Capitol Hill; JBJ kept a black book garned as Senate Majority Leader to bring errant Senators to heel.

Do you really think such methods of persuasion as blackmail and straight cash are not used both domestically and internationally to get agreements ? Clearly we have some very unworldly people running around


The Treasury have declined to release the file, but that doesn't instantly mean for one moment that there's some damning evidence in there that DC is a crackhead. If he had been vetted and very sensitive stuff had come out, he would not have been allowed to work in a government department, pure and simple.

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