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Henry Cook

I can't wait to watch this on the online repeat, as I was watching Question Time instead (newfound respect for Caroline Spelman - comes across very well indeed)

Will it be as tough for DC? Well he can't pin him down on specifics as he could DD, and I doubt he'll find any insults as bad as 'shit of the year'. Any interview with Paxman is not about whether you come badly out of it, but how badly you come out of it. No-one looks good when he interviews them, but a few look absolutely awful. Perhaps it was to neither candidates' advantage to accept these interviews.

Daniel Vince-Archer

David Davis was beaten by Paxman - but that's forgivable. The important thing will be how Cameron fares in comparison.

As an aside, Caroline Spelman is putting in a typically well-received performance on Question Time. She may not be a bruiser, but the new leader would be well-advised to give her a high-profile position if they want to connect to more voters.

Guido Fawkes

Paxman treats politicians with the respect they deserve - none.

We need more interviewers like him - why should we let politicians getting away with dissembling and spinning. Is David Davis committing to £38 billion of tax cuts or not? Is it an aspiration, a hope, an intention or what? "Its a strategy" - what does that mean? Its not a guarantee or a promise, so what is it?

But I do think Cameron would be best off getting a sick note from him mum next Thursday. Paxman is going to demand an answer to the "Were you a coke-head?" question.

Mark Fulford

Apologies for making the same point on two threads, but this seems more appropriate in this new topic...

'Working mothers are worse mothers’ is unacceptable and from another age.

I wish I’d never mentioned any of Davis's other misdemeanors – this is proof positive that he will further alienate the majority of the female vote.

Jonathan Sheppard

Caroline is great. This is an example of women getting on in the Tory party (see Brooks Newmarks Platform piece). Caroline stood in Bassetlaw three elections (I think) before me.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"This is proof positive that he will further alienate the majority of the female vote."

No it isn't. If he'd actually said 'working mothers are worse mothers', you might have a point but he didn't actually say that did he Mark? But let's not let the facts get in the way of an opportunity to produce some more cheap anti-Davis spin eh?

Jonathan Sheppard

I dont think Paxman interviews help politics in general at all - but thankfully only political anorkas watch him.

He just confirms the aggressive type of politics which make people switch off.

I always thought the most dangerous interview is the one where the interviewee is relaxed and is expecting an eays ride. Its in those situtaions when someones guard is down that you can get some real answers to questions.

Sean Fear

You think so Guido? In general, journalists are a lower form of life even than politicians.

Cllr Iain Lindley

"Working mothers are worse mothers"? Did he really say that? Christ...

Mark Fulford

Daniel, if stay-at-home mums are better, working mums are???

Daniel Vince-Archer

""Working mothers are worse mothers"? Did he really say that? Christ..."

No he didn't say that at all.


There was no comparison to working mums.

Stay at home mums are better than - being brought up by a non family member such as a nanny


Stay at home mums are better than... sending your child to boarding school....

A wide range of answer Mark


It was classic theatre. The vitriolic start to the interview meant that although I was going to record it and watch question time, I decided to do the opposite. DD kept as calm as possible in the circumstances, but he was clearly a little shocked by the opening tirade. He was certainly tied in a few knots by the question of whether his tax cuts were guaranteed. I gave it as a win for Paxman on points. But DD deserves some credit for keeping his head.

Mark Fulford

Sorry, to save repeating to much from the empty chair thread, I abbreviated my posts there, which accidentally made things unclear.

Paxo asked something very similar to "do stay at home mothers make better mothers". Davis replied "yes, mostly they do". Effectively 'working mothers are worse mothers'.


DD kept his head...but the stutter..the umms and arrs came flooding back. This performance on QT was good last week....this has basically demonstrated that his communication skills are not up to standard. I hope Cameron does better and gets rid of those rumours who say he's an IDS.


Unfortunately, I didn't see it. Will watch it online later. You never do well or express yourself properly with Paxman, but the question is: did he survive? What do y'all think? Not 'did he do well' but 'did he survive intact'?


I believe that DD has made a personal statement here and in the perfect world all mums would be able to feel satisfied at home and be able to have a good standard of living supported by their partner.

I know many 'wage slave' mothers who are excellent parents (I include myself of course) and I also know many stay-at-home mothers who are appalling, drinking in pubs at lunch time with their kids in tow, living off the state at a standard of living they couldn't earn for themselves, only on Wife Swap a couple of weeks ago there was an example of a mother of four who let them bring themselves up - feeding themselves, choosing their own bedtime, no boundaries, and no directions.

I wonder whether DD's wife worked outside of the home or not, perhaps this helped to form his opinion but I certainly wouldn't hold it against him.

Selsdon Man

Paxman's opening question was out of order. DC's team must prep him well.


DD was also said that parents should know if their daughter is having an abortion - as DC did on R5 this am. Good on both of them.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"DD was also said that parents should know if their daughter is having an abortion - as DC did on R5 this am. Good on both of them."

No doubt Feminist Fulford will be treating us all to one of his diatribes about male chauvinist pigs in response to this ;-)

Selsdon Man

Agreed editor (assuming that she is under 16). They should also have the power to stop the abortion and adopt the child if they want to.

James Hellyer

Davis was good. He wasn't great, but he was good. He kept his head. He answered the questions. Paxman didn't get his kill.

I chalj that as a triumph for an interviewer whose aim is obviously to destroy his interviewee.

The big mistake was the setting. Why did DD sit in fromt of that awful Thatcher portrait?

Never mind. Paxo has Cammybabes for canapes...

James Hellyer

"I chalj"

Should say "I count". I apologise for the abject failure of tough typing.

James Hellyer

""Working mothers are worse mothers"? Did he really say that? Christ..."

No he didn't say that at all.

Indeed he didn't. Are the Cameroons here sinking into fantasy, or are they swept up by the cult of the Paxman?

Mark Fulford

James, since I'm so inaccurate, perhaps you'd repeat what he did say.

Feminist Fulford has a sister, wife and two daughters and cares passionately that they should have the same opportunities for challenge and fulfillment that I do - without being judged by men.

On the U16 abortion front - I believe that parents normally should know but, under exceptional circumstances (and more than the judgement of a single GP), it can be kept private. There are parents who would beat their children...

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