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Nelson, Norfolk

I attended the above meeting and I can confirm that it was a very good natured meeting.

Gary has given a very good report and I feel that we should all thank him for his efforts.

For me the most important part of the meeting came when both candidates stated that they will fully support the winner of the contest.

I blieve that if the whole party work together we can go on to win elections.

I came away from the meeting with the impression that the Party will do just that. For me that is excellent news.

We are lucky to have such talented people in our party such as DC and DD. They deserve our thanks for agreing to stand for the leadership. I wish them both best wishes for the future.


I suppose the £38 bn figure is a roll-up as usual in politics ie. this is the total spread over 5 years. Set in the context of public spending of around £500 bn annually or £2.500.000.000.000 over 5 years it doesn't seem quite so huge; the questio is whether given economic conditions at that time it would be appropriate and in line with boE monetary policy.

Barbara Villiers

Thank you Gary for such a measured report. You could gave those morons in the media a few lessons on objective reporting. Well done!

Peter Harrison

Rick - No, it isn't a roll-up figure. DD has promised a cut of £1200 per annum for the average taxpayer. With around 30 million taxpayers, that equates to a cut of £38bn per year, so it is £38bn out of £500bn public spending.

Selsdon Man

The £38 billion is a strategy not a promise, as Davis told Paxman. Strategies can be changed. A promise is an obligation.


Sorry Selsdon but if you menion numbers you have to make them happen. This would be a noose around DD's neck

Richard Weatherill

Thanks, Gary, for a very good report.

"It is almost as if Davis views the current situation as a war against Labour, which is in stark contrast to how Cameron comes across."

This comment goes to the heart of the difference in approach between the two candidates and, in many cases, of what separates the main protagonists on this site. It sums up why, in the end, I shall probably vote for David Davis.

Michael McGowan

Whether Davis does or does not regard the current situation as a war, Labour undoubtedly does.

James Hellyer

"Cameron disagreed, claiming that the idea of a patient’s passport sends out a signal to voters that the Conservative Party favours the privileged few."

But is it the right policy? Would it deliver the aims we want? If so, surely abandoning it because of how it is perceived is political cowardice.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Talking of DC's jokes here's one that I can not claim credit for but warrants repeating.

Dear Labour Supporter

We the Labour Party are changing our emblem from a Rose to a Condom, as a condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks and gives a false sense of security whilst you're being screwed.

Love to you all

Jack Stone

The stratagie of all out war put forward by Davis is the same sort of failed stratagy we had by William Hauge and Michael Howard. If it failed them I don`t see why anyone should think it will suceed under Mr Davis.
We need to fight Labour the Cameron way. With our heads not our hearts!

Vidkund Quisling

I'm with Jack Stone on this one. Beating Labour by actually opposing Blair hasn't worked. We can be far more cunning by luring them into a false sense of security by agreeing with Blair, but briefing against him behind his back.


So if I don't like Blair's policies I blame the Tories not was always said he was a Ramsay MacDonald sustained by Conservative votes...........proving it should be helpful to Gordon Brown.

(Just don't forget how Macmillan knifed Eden over Suez and won the next election)


A Conservative Government led by David Davis would introduce a new ‘growth rule’, ensuring that public spending increases by one per cent less than the trend rate of growth in the economy. This would allow for a reduction in the nation’s tax bill of £38 billion a year by the end of the next Parliament, which could be used to cut the basic rate of tax by 8p in the pound. DAVID DAVIS CLAIM

Rick - No, it isn't a roll-up figure. DD has promised a cut of £1200 per annum for the average taxpayer. With around 30 million taxpayers, that equates to a cut of £38bn per year, so it is £38bn out of £500bn public spending.

Posted by: Peter Harrison | 23 November 2005 at 09:22

So he is speaking of £38 bn in FY2014-2015 predicated on growth in public spending being held to 1% below trend. Somehow the prospect of £1200 pa in 10 years time does not look too good on a discounted basis.

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