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As a fellow Mancunian and ManU supporter, I have to say I'm impressed that our Lancashire mob have come up with more reporters than any other area, Cllr Lindley's excursion to the pub notwithstanding.


Iain - that was great.

Comment at the end was the most telling. I have a colleague who by instinct likes Davis, supported him initially, but has voted for Cameron because he believes he will appeal beyond Conservatives like himself.

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't think the membership would rise to the challenge, but I think they are proving me wrong. Thank god.


"If that mindset is prevalent than it is difficult to see a way back for David Davis."

The MANU supporters in the office constantly remind me it's early days yet and we're a game in hand.

It's not over till it's over. How do you know what the membership are doing Michael are you counting the votes?


I just told you a-tracy, the member I spoke to was my barometer for the entire leadership election.

Whoever he decided to support would be the champ.

Richard Weatherill

I'd just like to defend Cllr Lindley's right to go to the pub after an arduous husting. I did just the same after the Solihull event on Monday but, fortunately(?), no-one attempted to "usurp" me. Bolton sounds like an almost exact rerun of Solihull. I almost feel sorry for the candidates - at least we only have to sit through it one!

P.S. What happened to the promised poll, Mr. Editor, or have I just failed to notice it?

Daniel Vince-Archer

I withdraw my comment from the other thread following Adrian Owens's hustings report.


DD was in Winchester today and spoke to a full hall. He spoke entirely without notes for about 20 minutes, followed by questions for a further period. I was unable to ask my own question. One thing which was relevant was that DD stated that he was certain that the MEPs would be out of the EPP within 2years under his leadership. He would not do it straight away as he did not want to cause a big row over the issue, and the MEPs have already signed up to remain there until the next EU elections. He would use the two years to create a new grouping with other eurosceptic groups.

Another important point he raised was that he would take the hard decisions on cuts in bureaucracy in the first year of a Conservative government in order to gain the benefits before the following general election.


Oh dear. Wondered how long DD would maintain his EPP line. Damian Green, Quentin Davies and Ian Taylor must be feeling rather foolish now.

John Hustings

"Damian Green, Quentin Davies and Ian Taylor must be feeling rather foolish now. "

Quentin Davies maybe. But I don't think Damian Green signed up for Davis just for the EPP policy (indeed, I think Green was in the Davis camp long before Cameron stated his policy apropos of EPP).


There is a meeting in Austria at present under Joerg Haider's FPO to set up a new Ultra-Right Grouping in the EU Parliament and get their own quite a few changes are going to occur there - no reason for the Conservatives to do anything yet if all is in flux

Cllr Iain Lindley

Haider was thrown out of the FPO a while ago.

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