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Dominic Llewellyn

There were about 330 there. Thanks David for your post. Would say I think DD showed that he didn't think he could win... he only dared mentioning people voting for him once or twice as opposed to a confident Cameron who asked people to go with him, vote for him, choose him etc. His charity cancellation suggests this. Also if he thought he had a realistic chance, surely his team would have been highly visible, they were anything but so. As regards to Lord Tebbitt, if indeed DD thought this would help sway people, why didn't he take advantage of this and say it himself. I think DD has a lot to offer the party but believe it will be in a supporting role with DC as leader.

Terry Keen

I believe that the final result could be closer than people think, but not on a knife edge. (I have already voted for DC).

Personally, I think that DC has got more of a chance of uniting the party than DD. Who could ever imagine David Curry, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Gerald Howarth and Bill Cash supporting the same man?

I do suppose that the same goes for Damian Green and Lord Tebbit, but David Willets (so many David's) seemed to very nearly defect recently.

In politics, image is very important, and everybody involved has one. I just believe that DC's is more voter friendly.

Alastair Matlock

Excellent report, Dominic. Thanks for your effort on this. Was there a straw poll done at the end of the hustings as was reported happening in Leicester or Solihull yesterday?

How do we get 111 MPs for DC????? He only got 90 votes and only has 75 declared supporters. To add his votes and new supporters together supposes that everyone who declared for him actually voted for him and everyone who has declared for him since is a new vote. Surely it is 75 supporters, until MPs are brave enough to publicly declare their support!???


"how long is he going to last when 111 of the party`s 198 MP`s are against him."

Funny members are inconsequential then Jack Stone ? I think the Vicars of Bray on the Tory Benches will find themselves oriented to whomsoever can dish out the spoils have no fear of that. I wonder how many more with do a Peter Temple-Morris ?


With regards to DD being lazy, I have contacted both sides about their opinion on IR35 on their web sites, on October 31. So far, only Davis' camp has bothered to reply.

Whilst I don't expect a detailed poicy announcement (in fact I think Cameron is right to avoid detailed financial pledges at this point), I feel this is a good litmus test for both candidates. It bothers me that Cameron's team can't even bother to reply to such a query.

Jack Stone

There are three pre-conceptions the public have about the party that I think have led to defeats at the last two elections.
Firstly the party is obssessed about Europe. Secondly the party is old fashioned and stuck in the past and thirdly it puts tax cuts before spending on public services.
The party as to change so we can end this image the public have of us.
David Davis because of his age and because he is by instinct a right-winger who if pushed will revert to the core strategy that as done so much damaged to the party does not have it within himself to convince the public that the party as changed and without change the party will stay in opposition.
David Cameron with his youth, his willingness to change and his pragmatic rather than dogmatic attitiude to policy is the person not just to change the party but to convince the public it as changed because it is not going to be good enough just to change we must convince the public that change is genuine.
At the end of the day this election is about who can win as the party cannot do anything about all of the issues conservatives are concerned about until it returns to power and I think in there heart of hearts there are very few who think that David Davis is more likely to win the next election than David Cameron.


"The party as to change"... "core strategy that as done so much..."
Is there any significance in dropping your 'H's, Jack? Your not a cabbie, are you?


That should, of course, have been - "You're not a cabbie, are you?"

Selsdon Man

He makes typos like all of us, Haymarket!

Al G

But if cutting tax increases public spending... then what?



Much worse than that AI G is the fact that Brown has re-defined Tax. In the old days Working Families Tax Credit etc would have been Public Spending; now it is defined as Negative Income Tax - this is how Brown keeps his tax ratio figure understated.

If the Tories were to cut these benefit payments Tax Ratio would rise on current definitions. There seems to be little grasp of hos much Brown has changed the structure of government accounts and the problewms that poses for future administrations

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