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I hope he gets a big mandate so that we can launch a united ship.

Where is it we're sailing to again? Cap'n Cameron has been less than forthcoming about the destination...


The destination is Government, Andrew. DC has indicated a route and once the election is out of the way he and his new shadow cabinet will have to navigate and plan the arrival.

hayek's grandad

Selsdon man - "I am one of the 50 (rather more in reality I think). James's report will hopefully be very biased and provoke a torrent of postings!"

I'm sorry but I rather hope the opposite. I'm an undecided but I shall not be reading Mr Hellyer's report and I hope others will avoid it too. People appear to think that everything on the internet deserves a reading but the reality is even in this wonderfully open medium eventually you set up filters to avoid the people who make lots of noise and add little substance.

Miles Smith

"the reality is even in this wonderfully open medium eventually you set up filters to avoid the people who make lots of noise and add little substance."

Which is an odd accusation to make, Hayek's Grandad, since Mr Hellyer seems to talk almost exclusively about points of substance.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"James Hellyer later today, eh? At last we'll have completely unbiased hustings report. Go for it James; There must be at least fifty members who haven't voted yet."

Personally, I'm relishing James Hellyer's hustings report. As circumstances prevented me being the Newport correspondent, I'm expecting James's report to reflect what I would have written in my report. I'm sure he won't let me down.

Mark Fulford

We should have a sweepstake on occurrences of "plastic" and "platitudes"!

Daniel Vince-Archer

Just stumbled on this report whilst perusing the archives seeking a quote for an article I'm writing.

Thought it might be worthwhile to point out that the author, Cllr John Jenkins, has now left the party after being forced to resign as Conservative candidate for the Welsh assembly seat of Llanelli.


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