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Michael McGowan

Michael, you may be right technically but there is an awful long way to go. the Tory Party is still at base camp. To have an overall majority of one, it needs to have an opinion poll lead over Labour of between eight and ten points. Yet somehow the Cameron camp thinks that they can climb this electoral Everest while telling many Conservative activists and other disaffected supporters of the centre-right to get stuffed. Either these people cannot add up or the truth that dare not speak its name is that they are planning a merger with the Lib Dems.....and I don't just mean the Orange Book Lib Dems.


The polls are moving because of the contest. Its still going to be on the contests next year and again telling other people to go away is not going to help as I feel they actually are probably the ones who actually do the most work for the party.


Jack, can you please just shut up. I'm sick of your demands on the DD supporters, all you are achieving is making the party appear even more split than it is and giving other Cameron supporters (Myself included) a bad name. Although I expect Tories to fall behind DC eventually I do expect DC to at least have to work a little bit for their loyalty. I do agree with you that no one should be back stabbing our new leader but no one on this blog has ever suggested that, they've just said they want to see DC prove he can do it. (Sorry about this Ed, but it has to be said)

As for DD's new job I'd happily keep him in home, however seeing as he was repeatedly mentioned his time in the Territorial Army maybe it would be interesting to seehow he fares with the defence portfolio, perhaps alongside deputy leader?

Barbara Villiers

True, Peter and I think that there are plenty of axes to grind there. The only good thing about Davis getting defence is the look on Bernard Jenkin's face. He won't dare go home that night!

Cllr Iain Lindley

It is very disappointing that some people (Daniel et al) are prepared to condemn Cameron on this based on one article of hearsay in the Guardian. I too would be disappointed with excessive cronyism, but Cameron has made it very clear he wants a broad, united team. Of course some of his allies will get jobs, but do you really think Davis wouldn't reward comrades like Conway with positions?

Speculation is a fun game and I'm greatly enjoying reading people's predictions, but as for praise or vitriol let's wait until we've got some names down on paper, shall we?

James M

Well said Chris - I fully agree with your views.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"Whoever wins the election as a right to expect loyalty from everyone in the party. If anyone is not able to give that loyalty then frankly I think they should go elsewhere."

I assume this means you will be in the vanguard of Davis's support if he wins Jack? Or is this, as I suspect, more hypocritical squealing of the 'conform or bugger off' agenda from you? As Michael McGowan, Peter and Chris have identified above, this agenda is divisive and will not help the Conservatives win elections.


When Cameron wins next week, his supporters are talking about an 'unusual event' which will demonstrate his new style of Party and leadership according to The Guardian - does anyone have any idea what this might be?


demonstrate his new style of Party and leadership according to The Guardian - does anyone have any idea what this might be? .

Probably the new logo to replace the Flaming Torch - how about a leprechaun with a shilalee ?

Euan Wallace

Well I raed all that stuff and it just fills me with woe.
Having journeyed to Perth last week with an open mind I came away thinking two things--DD won the Scottish round hands down and this vote will be a lot closer than many expect.
If Cameron wins and he has any sense at all he will offer DD the job of his choice--- this party only has a future in unity and DD is the one guy who can deliver it.
Whoever wins must put unity above everything else or it will be 2015 before we get to smell the coffee again.


If Hague only wants to be a part-time Tory, then he shouldn't be offered a senior post. He would be an asset in Parliament of course, but it's up to him.

FO should go to Rifkind, who has far more experience than any of the other possibles. On top of that, he's a skilled debater and would add a different aspect to the Shadow cabinet. With Hague, Davis, Fox etc in what could be a fairly nasty period of British politics, the Tories could do with Rifkind's more sober and forensic style.


Euan, how on earth can David davis offer the Party unity should he win? He is not the choice of the Parliamentary Party and would be isolated from the outset. He is also described as disloyal and divisive as a person.

In 2001, Francis Maude warned Davis that if he won with minority support from MPs, but with a majority of votes of constituency activists he would find himself isolated as leader. It would be another IDS situation only worse.

James Hellyer

Michael, the unity cry of yours is mistaken. There's a difference between the MPs not backing a candidate as their first choice, and not being willing to support them if they were elected leader. It's a big difference.


James, I don't think it's as stark as that. Of course MPs would initially back Davis as leader. But when his core vote strategy runs into the 35% support brick wall and his personality fails to inspire loyalty...then those very same MPs will feel less bound to support him, not having backed him in the first place. Isolation comes in many different forms, disloyalty is just one.

We feel the same. I didn't vote for IDS in 2001, so I didn't work very hard for the Party then, in the knowledge that he would have to go sooner rather than later.

John Coulson


Michael McGowan

You may well be right, Michael, but after his behaviour in the last Parliament, I don't think Francis Maude, whom you refer to, is in a position to command anyone's loyalty.


Mmmm, I'm not sure about that John C. Perhaps Maude gave the advice to Davis in the spirit of, 'it takes one to know one'. I wouldn't like to comment.

Sorry, I meant Michael M. apologies to John C!

Deckchair of despair

We need someone hard-nosed and strong as shadow defence secretary. Anyone who has been following Richard North's research (see the EU Referendum website) will know that the MOD has already wasted billions, and is in the process of wasting more billions, on inadequate equipment for the armed forces. They have achieved this by purchasing inferior stuff from European suppliers, apparently just to show our credentials as 'good Europeans', when equipment which is both much better and considerably cheaper is available from UK companies, from the US, and from South Africa, to name just three alternatives. This is a dreadful scandal which should be exposed and brought to the fullest notice of the general public.
With his background, and (presumably) his feeling for the men and women in uniform who are laying their lives on the line for the rest of us, Davis would be perfect for this role. So far from being a minor role in the shadow cabinet, this would give him a great opportunity to enhance his reputation, bring a great scandal to public knowledge, restore the Tory Party in the eyes of all servicemen, and help destroy the NuLab government. I can't think of anyone better to do this than DD. Surely the Defence portfolio and the office of deputy leader would be perfect for him.


I would suggest to the editor that John Coulson's post should be removed, I am sure it is actionable and John Coulson deserves to be taken for all he has...

A disgusting and unjustified attack on the Shadow Chancellor.


David Davis last week threatened that he'd lead a Shadow Cabinet revolt if a DC led Party went into DCs preferred co-operative policy on Education or Health reforms. That didn't look to me as a good sign for DD taking a constructive approach.

I think that if DD does come out badly in the ballot - which I don't expect (his core vote strategy & personal strengths should appeal to a large number of our membership and he could just win) - that sort of behaviour will mean he doesn't get any of the big 3 posts and may well mean he isn't deputy leader either. It would be nice to think he'd be as srong a guide if DC wins as Whitelaw was to Thatcher but past history makes me doubt it.

Klaus Four

The IDS leadership self-destructed not because he didn't have a majority vote from the MPs but because the MPs didn't accept the verdict of the members and set out to "get him" [although it was slightly more complicated than that and there were, ahem, other factors and faults on both sides etc etc].

Any DC leadership will not be automatically insulated against a IDS-style meltdown just because he now has 100 MPs or 120 MPs or 300 MPs or whatever the figure is. Don't forget most of these MPs took a little while to detect DC's leadership quality, and some of them had to jump ships to do so. The point is: will they stick by whoever wins if he runs into trouble?

A real Clause IV moment to ditch a totem from the past would be to rediscover the secret weapon of loyalty. Hopefully, the high proportion of newboys will help here.


Klaus Four - don't forget that IDS was also a poor people manager.

Sean Fear

I think that the comment about George Osborne should certainly be deleted.



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