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Floating voter

Does this mean Cameron is planning to introduce women-only short lists for candidate selection?

Selsdon Man

I believe that David Cameron has publicly stated his opposition to all-women shortlists.

Floating voter

I missed that - what's the evidence?

Cllr Iain Lindley

It's a pretty impressive leap from "female MP endorses Cameron" to "all-women shortlists". What evidence do you have that he does support them?


Cameron was asked this question in Fareham yesterday, and he ruled out all women short-lists. He repeated his policy of head-hunting women and then mentoring them as his way of increasing the number of women tory MPs. He also advocates widening the selection criteria to include the skills needed to do surgery work and visit constituents, which he thought would be areas where women would have advantages.

Floating voter

Cllr Lindley - I read the Telegraph letter and that prompted my question.

There's really no need for Cameron supporters to be so snappy.


"There's really no need for Cameron supporters to be so snappy."

Yes, what's making them like that? There's really no chance of their man losing.

Unless of course anyone actually sees him perform before voting. His Blackpool performance was his one trick: he keeps trying to repeat it but it doesn't work now.

I saw him at the CPS today. Good delivery of the speech (good speech - well done Michael Gove!) - rubbish at answering questions. He can't seem to think on his feet.

DD meanwhile is no good at speeches but good in proper engagement. Pity we can't have both skills in one politician!


This a prime example of why Cameron is the right man for the job, he attracts a wider range of conservatives that David Davis does.

James Turner

Eleanor Laing is very closely allied to LF. I can't imagine she'd have done this without at least informing him and his other key lieutenants, and I wonder if some of them won't be very far behind.

Jack Stone

I agree with the comment that David Cameron should win because he attracts a broader range of Conservatives than David Davis but I also think that he deserves to win because he also attracts voters who are not Conservatives.

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