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Oberon Houston

I cant get BBCi to check the tape until tonight.

Did anyone notice the comment from Davis I mentioned above?

Floating Voter

I think the best summary of Question Time is: Cameron looked like a future Tory leader; Davis looked like the next Tory leader.

Cllr Iain Lindley

I've been told the guy who made the "couldn't run a bath" comment was Jonathan Aitken's son. I did notice several people I know to be Davis supporters in the audience (Chris Kelly was there, publicity-shy as ever!), didn't recognise any known Cameroons.

Selsdon Man

I had to turn up the volume to hear DD who mumbled through some of his best lines. DC was much more audible but he did not answer all the questions put to him (e.g. Ken Clarke). DC got more applause than DD. It was interesting that William Hague got the biggest clap.

David Dimbleby is losing his touch and authority IMO. He failed to ensure that the questions were fully addressed by the candidates. Overall, it was a disappointment but helped DD to erase the memory of conference.


The genearl consensus is that Davis won the TV showdown. A couple of points to make though. It wasn't 'round 1' to Davis. Round 1 was the party conference and we know what happened then. Second point is that if the opinion polls are to believed the real question is "Was Davis's improved performance last night too little, too late?"


Get a grip if that counted as a victory for Davis it just shows how low expectations were! Anyone can parrot out the same old lines to appeal to party members (provided its not a conference speech!). DC was obviously aiming his remarks at a wider audience because he has already won this election.


Floating Voter you said "the best summary of Question Time is: Cameron looked like a future Tory leader; Davis looked like the next Tory leader."

But did either look like either the next or future PM? This is the question Tory memmbers should be asking themselves.

Oberon Houston

It was civilised and a good performance from both candidates. Up until 10 minutes from the end.

Then Davis did what he always does, he resorted to type behaviour.

"This is absolutely the worst moment for the Conservative party to imitate Tony Blair."

A cheap shot, and scare-mongering nonsense, then the plants in the crowd had to make their moves, "couldn't run a bath". Honestly, he is talking directly to someone that many believe should lead the party. What a delinquent.

In the end, the David Davis performance had the nasty edge to it that has been present throughout. From the bullying of MP’s before the rejection of the changes to the selection rules, to making tax promises he can’t keep in order to try and expose Cameron as light on policy, to bringing up European withdrawal in a shameful move to get back to “type-behaviour”. I’m voting for Cameron, and I will do it without any hesitation, the alternative is simply not worth even contemplating.


Jack will you get a life, Davis won because he actually is saying what he believe in and please Mr Lindley "no Cameron supporters in the crowd" can you stop your spinning as its getting boring know?
The debate is what do you believe in not who is the greatist spin merchant in four years time. With that people should not vote to give Cameron a blank cheque on policies.

James Hellyer

How was it a "cheap shot", Oberon? David Cameron has been selling himself as "the heir to Blair." We've had enough of that.

Cllr Iain Lindley

I thought Davis did well. The fact is, however, that he stands for an entrenched core vote strategy that will lead us to defeat, again.

The debate is what do you believe in not who is the greatist spin merchant in four years time

Which candidate planted the son of a disgraced former minister to make a derogatory soundbite? Are they the "greatist" (sic) spin merchant?

James Hellyer

Please provide proof that the Davis campaign "planted" Aitken's son, Iain, or admit that you're desperately spinning to do down Davis and puff up Cameron.

Cllr Iain Lindley

I'm not "desperately spinning" anything, unlike some on here I've recognised that everyone on here has already made their minds up.


No chance of that happening James, the spin only works one way for Cameron, and he isn't even leader yet.

Michael McGowan

I am beginning to think that Jack Stone is a talking parrot who just regurgitates the same old stale nonsense whatever the surrounding circumstances. The comments posted above indicate that he clearly didn't even watch Question Time last night. I thought Davis was seriously impressive and courteous....neither of which were a foregone conclusion.

James Hellyer

"I'm not "desperately spinning" anything"

Yes you are. That's why you're making assertions about the Davis campaign, without the slightest shred of proof. That's your attmept to spin events.


According to the BBC the audience was vetted beforehand to ensure a pretty even balance of opinions.


That's absolutely true Iain,all the usual anti Cameron are posting over the top bile about his performance and the Cameronites like you are defending what was a far from impressive performance.
Personally I thought DD answered the questions better than DC but once again he showed that in my opinion he is a million miles away from convincing large numbers of non core vote people to support us.
I think DD needed to be superb last night as he was probably in front of more voters than he will be again in this campaign,sadly for him he wasn't.

Lord Haw Haw

the cheap soundbite will have been dreamt up by David Canzini on DD campaign. It had all his hallmarks ie counterproductive and thoughtless. The only surprise was that DD team didn't organise 10 spontaneous standing ovations for their man after each answer!

Cllr Iain Lindley

He got the soundbite wrong, as well - "couldn't run a bath", surely?

Cllr Iain Lindley

Below is a comment from a Tory PPC who achieved a big swing in a marginal in June - I think it sums things up extremely well. The comment was made on a private forum so I've left it anonymous.

"I was pleased Davis did better than conference. However, the pressure was really on Cameron as the red hot favourite, he was the one who had everything to lose.

Davis certainly said a lot of the right things, but then as a die-hard Tory I would say that.

At the General Election, being a PPC in a target seat, our core vote were pretty happy. The target voters were not interested. We rabble roused them at times over issues like Asylum and Crime, but we didn't offer hope, passion or enthusiam. Last night, Davis reminded me of this problem. He gave me ammunition to attack Labour (and keep the core vote angry and Tory), but nothing to inspire the target voters.

In David Cameron we have someone with energy, passion and enthusiasm. When that young mother attacked the Tories over Education, David Cameron was able to inspire her.

In the last month, in (constituency) we have collected over £1400 in new members / renewing lapsed members, all inspired by Cameron, because people (non-core Tories) are telling them Cameron is the man.

For the first time in a generation we have an opportunity to regain the 'white mondeo man', roll on the next election."


Shame Iain that you can't answer James question, does that mean that the spin machine gone on strike at the moment or hasn't Cameron text you back a response yet?


Iain why are you lowering yourself in using unknown sources?

Oberon Houston

Peter, have you been drinking washing-up liquid again?

James Maskell

For those who want to watch the debate again (maybe the tape recorder didnt work) go to the BBC website and watch it there. I will be doing that today and having a second look.

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