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"I'm almost thinking of voting for David Cameron after reading Doreen Davis' interview in this morning's Daily Mail"

Oh come off it Ed, it's been mentioned that Cameron's wife is pregnant at the moment what about their families work/life balance issues and paternity leave issues next year - you saw the state Kennedy got himself into.

You've got the Blairs constantly harping on about their lack of family time and requirements for four weeks family holidays, juggling balls, and sacrifices - come on every working family would prefer more time together.

The Cameron family have got a requirement for parental care for a 'young' family with a child that requires extra care and time and hospitalisation or is it that the Cameron's can afford two nanny's if necessary.

I want this campaign to end now before it becomes a farce. I would add that Mrs Davis has coped for 32 years for goodness sakes.


I was being tongue-in-cheek, a-tracy!


If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen !


"Bob Spink, MP for Castle Point, and James Clappison, MP for Hertsmere, both declared their public support for David Cameron yesterday. This takes David's publicly declared total of MPs to 111."


Oh Mr Clappison.......clambering aboard a passing boat are you ? How embarrassing !

Barbara Villiers

Such rank opportunism. It really does stink.


Clappison supported Ken Clarke in the first round. Hardly the sign of an opportunist.

Hard though it may to believe, maybe some people have been biding their time and are just making up their minds now?

Mr P Ragmatic

Exactly Gareth. What a cynical bunch. Anyway, when the ships going down, unless you are the captain, one should make an attempt to abandon it.

James Maskell

I feel sorry for Doreen Davis here. This article does teach an important lesson about Politics as a career. It takes a lot out of you and does pull your relationship apart due to stress or not seeing the other half. I dont have that problem since I am neither an elected representative, nor married, both of the above making the world a better place!

Its certainly something for all of us to think about. Is it worth everything we hold dear to be involved in Politics?

Barbara Villiers

Well, Gareth, Clappison is hardly known for setting the world on fire and was a pretty mediocre education spokesman when in Government. I'd say Davis is better off without his sort.

Richard Carey

"Its certainly something for all of us to think about. Is it worth everything we hold dear to be involved in Politics?"

Well, I'm not now a Party official or an elected representative, simply a member & volunteer, but it is an interesting thought for us to ponder, especially as this has been a General Election year and the memories of severe sleep deprivation are still somewhat recent.

I might be biased on this front as my GE candidate won his seat, but I can genuinely say that nothing I have done since has compared to that night. Keep working, everyone, for me it is most definitely worth it. (Am I addicted to winning? By-election candidates please call with your answer!!)

Alastair Matlock

I think Mrs Davis is a very sympathetic figure in this article as well, though I had never thought she would be otherwise. It does soften my view of her husband just a bit reading this though.


"Clappison is hardly known for setting the world on fire"

I think that was left to another Old Boy of St Peter's York wo tried to enliven Parliament 400 years ago !


So he's not an opportunist then, just no good!?

Is he too 'metrosexual' for your man Barbara or is the wrong 'sort' in some other way?

Barbara Villiers

No, Gareth and sarcasm doesn't become anyone. No, he was an ineffective, colourless education minister who was just about useless - I had occasion to come into contact with him about an important educational issue. And, he didn't respond to correspondence. So, I don't think David Davis will miss his support nor will it do anything for David Cameron except to add to his numbers. Ho hum.


"Is he too 'metrosexual' for your man Barbara"

Would you care to elucidate this strange comment ? Is there something you wish to confess about Mr Clappison or is it a generalised smear through insinuation ?


Calm down Rick. It's an in-joke between myself and Barbara. Nothing to do with Mr Clappison.

An Ubersexual

Barbara, I can imagine the tone of your letter to poor Mr Clappison and aren't that surprised he didn't respond.

Stop being so negative, you are casting a shadow across this entire site.

Barbara Villiers

No, actually, Uber, I was a desperate mother whose son's assisted place was not going to be honoured when Labour got it. With not a decent school within 10 miles I was beside myself with worry. And what was the reaction? None. No letter, no acknowledgement. No help. So now you know the story. You shouldn't make assumptions about things you know nothing about.


"Calm down Rick. It's an in-joke between myself and Barbara. Nothing to do with Mr Clappison."

So you are a barrister ? No wonder you advocate positions you don't believe in !

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