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James Maskell

Henry Cook. DC came out with his climate change views and we looked at that. DC hasnt released much in the way of information recently so what do we have to debate over? DD is coming out with informationm for the members to judge him on and we are doing that.

Maybe if DC provided us with more information about his views we'll gladly look at it. If he isnt shouting enough about it, how are we expected to know about it?

Kate Castle

It seems to me that Davis is fighting a vote among the members, where as Cameron is looking to widen interest in the party.

As has been noted above Davis' policies would flounder in a general election, but that is years away and there would be time to develop a broader agenda, however they may be spot on for the party members.

Cameron is now rather reliant on the fact that he appears to be the only Tory capable of being PM and that the members will respond to his fresh topic agenda and positive attitude.

I'll still be backing the younger model, but it is really interesting to see the two different approachs coming out.

James Hellyer

"where as Cameron is looking to widen interest in the party."

Evidence for a wide intersst in special commissions among the electorate at large?

Policy Wonk

Only Cameron has heard the cry from all around the country - "More Government! Give us more Government!"

Yet another Anon

Far simpler simply to withdraw the UK from the EU, European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice with no referendum - there is no need for any referendums to do this and the EU isn't what people who voted to join the EEC in 1975 thought they were voting for anyway (Not that there was any need to join the EEC really).


It’s not that I mind that I have to go to school today knowing that I shan’t be able to fall asleep tonight unless I get reasonably drunk because I can’t understand the torrential outpourings of the mind set of the children of today that I’m supposed to teach the Mathematics curriculum to that makes me so unhappy with the government. Nor the fact that I have to spend the weekends getting drunker over my being held accountable over my level of productivity. Sure I’m pissed off with the government because it’s still there: stripping itself of its seven veils of socialism like a fleeting tribe of hoodlums indulging itself on borrowed money, and clothing itself again when it wakes up the next afternoon. But that’s just the fault of human nature. That’s just the excesses of capitalism. The more the merrier.
No! What I can’t understand is why having lost the middle ground; the conservative party is unwilling to retreat to the high ground. After all Mosses did it. After leading the people out of slavery he left them to their own devises and took to the high ground and came back down with more than anyone expected. Jesus also took refuge in the solitude of the mountains and came back stronger than he ever was.
I am not a perpetual voter because I’m a catholic (with a small c) which implies that having cast my vote I’m obliged to stick to it come hell or high water. Consequently I have never voted for a political party in my life. Likewise this excludes me from being a membership of the Conservative party. Thus I have no say in the outcome of your election. But this does not exclude me from having the right to protect a man who is being slighted.
Whatever the outcome of your election might be, as an outsider I have to protest against the way in which you are trying to elevate David Davis to level of being a martyr. He is after all only a politician. He should be judged only on his willingness to make decisions be they right or wrong and nothing more. If the conservative party decides upon a candidate who does not represent their credentials then I believe that the world will be made all the poorer for it and undoubtedly I will be given the sack.
By all accounts you will be doing me a service by putting me out of my misery and out of my job. But on the other hand, you try standing up in front of a class room and try telling a bunch of kids that they are all equal. I tell you

1) You will never regain the overall trust that is a prerequisite for the art of teaching,
2) The ones that will be won over will be the ones that will come to you for advice upon how to usurp power.


Being a teacher requires that when you realize that the message has gotten past that thick skull you are instinctively withdrawn into that moment when you yourself were drawn by the teacher. Its not a moment of inspiration mixed with awe, its a moment of pure pleasure.
David Davis expressed that moment in the fringe speach in which he made some of the audience fall into a trance.
The gutter snipes of course only noticed that it seemed as if the audience was falling asleep. Meethinks that they were but temporarily closing their eyes to the reality of the world in which we live.
I think that come what may DD is a very clever individual.
Loosing this ballot might be the best political move that he has ever made.


What are some of you going to do when
Cameron wins? I hope the samiritans are on stand-by, it'll be like a grown up version of Take That splitting!

I don't like DD, but I have more confidence in him than I used to have after this campaign - but he is not ever, no chance, zilcho opportunity to become PM.

Cameron can be, and of course he isn't everything to every man and despite his website saying more about policy than DD's he may not be prepared to tie his chancellors hands by announcing tax cuts 4 years early and that'll lead some to suggesting he is, as the soundbite goes, "policy-lite". But, right-wingers, this is a dumb argument, you'd complain if he came out with a string of policies now, don't you prefer the idea that his shadow cabinet of Hauge, Fox, Davis contribute?

If some of you take the hardline approach of some, do you really think you can support the party when Cameron wins?

After this disaster of a leadership election, I'm left for the first time wondering if the party should split, allowing a One Nation Tory party to provide an alternative to Government while the anti-cameron lobby can set up a members club to debate whether if floating past Bermuda means we've pulled far enough away from Europe.

Support Davis by all means, but the constant attacks on Cameron are doing the party no good at all.


"samiritans" oops I guess I must be "spelling-lite" :-)


Yes Nick.But you have to be aware of the excessive bile on both sides. Even a man as fair and reasonable as me has been goaded into being slightly intemperate at times!
When I first saw this blog I was horrified at some of the insults thrown around at fellow Conservatives but on reflection it doesn't really matter,the general public don't see the blog.
Some of the posts even those from people are disagree with I are of the highest quality and the arguments are put forward more skilfully than I've seen from respected MPs.
O thers are banal and vicious and some are truly moronic but as a blog this is by far and away the most informative and entertaining that I've come across.
I don't think the leadership election has been a disaster,the party has received quite a bit of favourable coverage and generally (outside this blog) it has been perceived as being fought in a gentlemanly fashion.Cameron has been right to pick his friends and enemies with care. If someone as mean spirited as Simon Heffer dislikes Cameron whatever the merits of his argument Cameron is likely to benefit from more normal people feeling sympathy for him.


Ah yes but does Simon Heffer realise that he is playing straight into Cameron's hands by providing him with a symbolic shift from the "nasty" elements of Conservatism?


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