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One day, Barbara, you will post a comment, the thrust of which does not depend on trumpeting your own experience. Fascinating though your life is, it is not the answer to life, the universe and everything.


Jack what mental hospital ward are you in know. You have no base for your comments which again shows how out of touch you are and why we simple have to have Davis to stand a chance of winning?


You're getting a bit mean, Peter. Less personalisation please.


"Jack what mental hospital ward are you in now"

Wards are gone, turned into sites for executive homes - it is "Care In The Community" now


Sorry Tim about comment but what about Jack comment about Davis having no chance of winning. This has no base in fact but no comment saying that he should not be personal when attacking the candidate?

English Lion

If the Tories backed the call for an English Parliament they could ignore Labour in England as they would always be in the majority ......unfortunately that isn't something the Tories have grasped yet - soon very soon perhaps?

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