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Barbara Villiers

Mark, I am entitled to my opinion and how dare you try to say that I am not. All right I'll say it - He is smarmy, doesn't have a policy in his head, a member of an elite which offends every half American bone in my body and I despair if he becomes leader. I couldn't care less if he snorted all of Columbia but I deplore him for skirting around the issue. It demonstrates an appalling lack of character. He has a right to change his mind about policy but he has an obligation to take responsiblity for what he contributed to before.

You will never convince me otherwise so don't bother trying. If the members of this Party elect him then they deserve everything they get.

I didn't vote for Hague or Duncan Smith but I loyally supported them. It grieves me to say I can't at this point in time say I can support Cameron.

Barbara Villiers

Typo - should read ' I can't support Cameron'


'Barbara' this is a forum for debate and discussion - if you aren't prepared to listen and respect the views of others or indeed concede a single point, you are wasting your time. Can I suggest in all sincerity that you channel your energies into something which might be more rewarding for you.

Barbara Villiers


I have every right to my opinion and to state it like everyone else on this blog does. How dare you tell me that I don't just because it doesn't agree with yours. it is still a democratic society.


Barbara, I haven't and wouldn't. I'm suggesting you adopt a more moderate tone. Your posts are so strident and often personally rude that you can only be damaging the Davis cause and certainly not doing the Party any favours.


I agree with you Michael.Whilst I'm not the wholehearted Cameron supporter you are,it seems some of the anti Cameronites on this blog seem to have adopted an irrational hatred of him.What he has ever done to deserve this I genuinely don't know.

Barbara Villiers

I am afraid that you have. It seems that there is a huge double standard operating here - Cameron supporters are free to exercise their opinion on David Davis and say some pretty nasty things in the process. The minute a David Davis supporter does then they are rude and strident.

I have every right to give my views on Cameron as long as I am not profane or libelous. If you think that a person or perhaps a woman who has strong opinions is strident then that is decidedly your problem.


Thanks Malcolm. The important thing is that Davis and Cameron come out of this race enhanced - both will have a job to do whatever the result.

If this were a closed Forum it wouldn't be so bad, but non conservatives and the media could be reading the sort of personal stuff 'Barbara' keeps rehashing, which simply reinforces negative sterotypes.

Barbara Villiers

I suppose such descriptions of David Davis as lazy and disloyal are not personal. Nor are descriptions of his team members as thugs are they?


Well, just to be on the safe side 'Barbara', you'd better not use those descriptions.

Seriously though, now that it looks extremely likely Cameron will win this race, it's time to move into a more positive phase, talking up the merits of our candidates so that both can emerge enhanced.

Barbara Villiers


I am curious as to why you think Cameron has won the race already. I understand that there are over 250,000 members with a vote. Does anyone have a line to each and every one of them?

I am certainly not naive and I have no illusions as to the media's opinions and there have been some polls which only feature a small section of members which point to a Cameron win but it's still not over yet.

Yes indiciations point to a Cameron win but they are still only indications and not written in stone.

May I refer you to a famous story. In a US election over 50 years ago a certain Harry S. Truman was running against a Mr. Dewey (I don't even know his first name so far has he slipped into oblivion). So certain was the media of a Dewey victory that a particular newspaper published with the headline 'Dewey Wins!'. There exists a very famous photo of President Harry S. Truman holding up the said newspaper with a big old grin on his face.

The moral of the story is that one can never account for what voters will do.

Mark Fulford

Barbara, in this contest, what has Davis done to earn my vote and demonstrate his ability to lead?


'Barbara', I did say 'it looks extremely likely that Cameron will win this race' which is not QUITE the same as Cameron has won the race already.

The reason I think that is because the YouGov poll in 2001 was pretty accurate and has been consistent this time on those who have already voted and those who have yet to vote.

I can also sense a big shift since the hustings began towards Cameron.

Barbara Villiers


You are as entrenched in your position as I am in mine so I am just not going to rehearse it again. You have been blogging along with long enough to know.


Are you at every hustings? Sensing and a couple of polls is not enough I'm afraid. Until you tell me that you have personally spoken to every one of the 250,000 I will just have to keep referring you to the Dewey/Truman story.

I am not living in la-la land, just reflecting past experience.

While I cannot ignore the indications towards Cameron I think it would be foolish to take the votes of the members for granted.

Jack Stone

The irrational hatred by many Davis supporters against David Cameron doesn`t surpise me one bit.
They are just following the example of those at the top who support Davis who have never tryed to hide there hatred not only of DC but anyone who oppose him.
If Davis supporters used half of the energy they use attacking there own side attacking Labour the party would be well on its way back to power by now.

I don't get a sense from the polls - I get a sense from feedback in response to the hustings and how the two camps are responding and comments they're making, my own constituency association and the University association. Loads of different things which give a definite sense that its shifted towards Cameron.

The YouGov polls back up this sense.

But I do agree, we musn't be complacent - the Cameron team must fight for every vote right to the end to ensure that he gets the biggest mandate possible.

Barbara Villiers

Nov. 18,

When you have spoken to all 250,000 members, let me know.

Selsdon Man

It would nice, for once, if Barbara did not hijack a thread with long dialogues on Cameron. She is becoming a pathetic bore and I fed up reading her repetitive diatribes which are ruining this blog.

Can we discuss Mr Davis's speech please? I was at the CSJ last night and would like to hear the opinions of others who were present.

Barbara Villiers

No Selsdon Man it is you who are pathetic. Okay for you to run your boring diatribes but nobody else is entitled to an opinion.

You are past a joke.

Selsdon Man

This is supposed to be a thread on the Davis speech. I do not engage in long, off-topic, dialogues with other posters.

You bore me so much that I tend not post on the leadership articles. I have noticed that a lot of other posters appear to be doing the same.

Editor, take note please.


Have you thought that perhaps we've stopped because the site's been renamed 'Cameron Home'.

I like Michael but he has been hypocritical today calling Barbara after he filled the leadership blog yesterday and the day before with attacks on DD.

Perhaps we've just had enough, I know I have.

Selsdon Man

A-tracy, I think that you are being unfair on the editor who has given the Davis campaign a large amount of coverage.

The leadership contest has dragged on too long. It is diverting time and resources from fighting the government.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"It is diverting time and resources from fighting the government."

Or agreeing with the government as the likely winner has already signalled he will do.

Selsdon Man

Going back to the topic of the thread, DD performed well at the CSJ. He was at his best answering questions without a lectern or notes. He came across as more passionate, genuine, determined and confident. If he could do the same with his speeches, he would give DC stronger competition. DD team take note please!

The editor's summary is accurate. DD focused on crime, drugs, immigration, tax and free trade - strong core vote territory. He took tough lines on drugs and crime but also emphasised treatment and rehabilitation.

My disappointment was that he did not say enough on the role of voluntary organisations as an alternative to state institutions. I would have liked more on housing and urban regeneration too.

Overall, a competent speech but a strong performance on questions.


a-tracy, my critique of Davis is always placed in the context of an argument alongside supporting evidence. Isn't it?

Anyway that was yesterday and since then I've had a good think and I've changed my mind. If it's good enough for DC, it's good enough for me ;)

To be serious, I'm not asking Barbara to resist analysing the pros and cons of both candidates in the context of constructive debate, I was asking her just to respectful of others and to try and be a bit more positive. She's weary making!

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