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Barbara Villiers

Bux, I shall miss you and we David Davis supporters are rather outnumbered here.

Re the games bit - I have to say I was appalled when I was ij the room as my son played Grand Theft Auto - but I take the blame squarely. I should have checked it out before I bought it for him. But censorship? Never! So now the heir to Blair goes in for nannying. What a surprise.


Grand Theft Auto is top quality entertainment and a real educational tool, thanks to that game, i have knowledge of drugs, prostitution, organised crime and gun crime on a level of almost first hand experience. What city academy could claim to provide that? Of course responsible parents should be able to censor this from their younger children(though i played it at the tender age of 14, guess my parents are irresponsible), but as Barbara says, and i approached in my post, its not a place for the government!

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