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Kevin Davis

Given the answers of Ted and Hotspur the answer then seems clear.

Calculate a budget for Scotland without the Barnett formula but replaced with the small oil revenues they will acquire and then offer it to the people of Scotland as either being in the Union (no Parliament) or independence.

No idea what the outcome of the budget changes might be but I bet they do not look too appealing.


I thought the principle that all mineral rights are vested in The Crown pre-dated the Act of Union 1707.

It would appear therefore that James VI of Scotland must have transferred those rights to James I of England in 1603.

Of course John Major stupidly returning The Stone of Scone to Scotland in 1996 when Edward Longshanks had gone to such trouble to bring in to London. Complete inability to sustain tradition - the problem with Conservatives generally.


Having the stone in Westminster was a symbol of oppression and highly inappropriate.

Devolution is here to stay so I think the current situation will prevail. I can't think of anything preventing MPs from voting on a particular matter.


re James Hellyer & the Barnet formula.

Is it not right that richer areas of the country should contribute extra to boost services in poorer parts. There are some parts of Glasgow with a life expectancy of about 65? compared to over 80 in Dorset.

Added to which the cost of providing education, healthcare, transport etc in the Highlands is huge because of the massive distances that have to be travelled.

Not necessarily a defense of the Barnet Formula but Scotland does need more money than its equivalent population in London.


Having the stone in Westminster was a symbol of oppression and highly inappropriate.

The Monarch resides in London - do you intend to crown the Monarch in Westminster Abbey and Edinburgh in a series of rolling ceremonies ?

Yet another Anon

>>>>>>It would be interesting in Brixton and Peckham to see the street lighting turned off, social security ended, and policing reduced as they ran out of money. Likewise to see areas of Bradford as the benefits and public spending is cut off to Bangladeshis and Kashmiris and to see their healthcare needs no longer funded.

I suppose this kind of policy is what makes Pakistan such a vibrant democracy, and I doubt it would have any law and order implications if the Tories proposed such an idea. If Yet Another Anon could publicise his views more widely I am sure the Labour Party would be most appreciative.<<<<<<
Apart from being rather patronising to South Asians many of whom are very hard working and entrepreneurial it is as well to point out that LED street lighting doesn't actually cost much to fund and anyway street lighting is a major form of light pollution - something that we are greatly deprived of these days is a view of the stars and so a bit less street lighting and certainly more efficent use of light directing it to the ground rather than a large proportion up into the sky as seems to happen currently would be a good thing.

As for expressing my views widely I am happy to express my views to anyone in the world on any site at all regardless of it's orientation and do so.


"Re - whose oil?

The sea boundary will be a continuation of the land boundary. One quirk of the capture of Berwick upon Tweed is that the English/Scottish border makes a jerk northward before hitting the beach, and continuing this makes most of the North Sea oilfields fall into "English waters" - but closer to Scotland, which is why the pipelines run to Aberdeen"

LOL, I do iove this science of extraordinary geography (because it smacks of desparation in my view), there's no oil in English waters whatsoever, based on the international principle of equidistance. The North Sea has been divided up into Scottish and English areas for donkeys, which is why the UK's North Sea oilfields are under Scottish jurisdiction for the purpose of legal administration.

Check BBC Radio 4's documents programme for an insight into to the subsidy England has received from Scottish Oil for the past 40 years.

"England owes Scotland Money"

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