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I've just taken a phone call from Paul Goodman MP - another Tolkien enthusiast.

He's promised me the definitive blog on the Tolkien issue for midday on lunchtime. You've been warned Bux!

For those who can't wait that long today's Indy has also looked at the Middle Earth analogies...


Bux -
Aston Villa (a curious preference among Old Etonians -Prince William for example) NOT Birmingham City


Thanks Ted, though I'm not sure Cameron or DD would really know the difference.

Paul Goodman I also respected. I guess now we see the real level of modernisation in the Conservative Party. They'd all really like to be inklings in fifties Oxford.

I get as far as the criticism of C. S. Lewis but anything further makes me recoil. Seems I have no future in this party.

James Maskell

"Apologies to all the rest of you who appear to be so familiar with the cast of characters in this yucky little fantasy world."

I dont see anything wrong with that yucky little fantasy world. I have the trilogy on DVD and have no problem with it. Its a good film (trilogy). Theres a political sub-context which is always intriguing. This does bring a lighter side to the contest albeit a very wierd side to it. The speeches on LOTR arent much cop though.

Im no Harry Potter fan. I went along to see the first 3 films but just didnt get hooked by it. Its aimed too young for me I think.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"For those who can't wait that long today's Indy has also looked at the Middle Earth analogies..."

I quite liked the Just William analogy. Personally I think his hissy fit on Question Time makes him like Violet Elizabeth Bott (a rather petulant, spoiled, young girl prone to throwing tantrums when William won't let her have her own way) - "I'll make my own point in my own way or I'll scream and scream and scream until I'm sick!"

"I get as far as the criticism of C. S. Lewis but anything further makes me recoil."

What criticism of C.S. Lewis? Surely not the same kind of wishy-washy, lefty, liberal nonsense spouted by the likes of Philip Pullman and the Guardianistas about the Chronicles of Narnia being akin to the BNP manifesto, the Hitler Youth handbook or an Enid Blyton story? Altogether now - "It's political correctness gone mad!"


No, Daniel, sorry to have been unclear: I meant the criticism written BY C. S. Lewis, for example his excellent volume on 'Elizabethan Literature (excluding drama)' and his work on the medieval mind-set.


Frightening that they are so who is Saruman ? Who Gollum ? Who recalls that the whole of Middle Earth was destroyed ?

I am afraid it might be a shock to these junior plotters if they find the next election produces a hung-Parliament and they are forced into the experience the CDU/CSU have encountered in Germany


I realise how pretentious that sounds. It was all a long long time ago...


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