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I didn't know Paxman was going to get a turn, is that on Newsnight?


So I understand.

Daniel Vince-Archer

I'd quickly (busy busy busy!) like to point out to anybody here in Wales that Question Time will be on at 11.05pm on BBC One Wales. If you want to see it at the same time as everybody else, you'll need to point your television aerial eastwards, buy a satellite dish (I believe Sky Digital still allows you to flick between the regional stations) or watch it online.

Selsdon Man

But who is in tonight's audience? Can we be sure that it will be balanced? The last we need is a bunch of Labour supporters trying to screw up this vital debate.


All I know SM is that 17.5% will be DC supporters and 17.5% DD supporters. The rest - I think - are "representative" - or at least as representative as every other liberal-left QT audience!

Selsdon Man

35% conservatives, 65% non-conservatives - NOT GOOD!

Richard Allen

Undoubtably DD has to perform well tonight to keep his hopes alive. At the very least he needs to convince a lot of those who are thinking about voting for Cameron to think again and see a little bit more of each candidate before voting.

Richard Allen

"35% conservatives, 65% non-conservatives - NOT GOOD!"

As I understand it some of those 65% are floating conservatives.

James Maskell

I am not that worried about the audience. If its 65% Labour then its a real test for both candidates, coping under pressure, and isnt necessarily a bad thing. They have to show they can keep cool under the pressure of a more skeptical audience. The Conference wasnt such a challenge since everyone was a Conservative and were open minded. Now its different.

Selsdon Man

Two thirds have not made up their minds? At this late stage? Must be a bunch of thickos! That only gives more encouragement to the disenfranchisers!

Peter Harrison

According to the BBC:

"About half of the live studio audience will be Conservatives, with the remainder drawn proportionately from the rest of the electorate, providing a broad range of views.

"The audience will also be balanced between those who think Mr Davis or Mr Cameron would be the better leader of the Conservative party."

This is taken from

Selsdon Man

My last comment reflected Richard's on floating voters.

Selsdon Man

Thank you Peter. 50% non-Conservatives is too high for my liking.


Selsdon - why should we have already made up our minds? Surely we should listen with an open mind at this stage.

Guido Fawkes - Click here to Live Blog the Debate

Clever idea Tim - where did I see that idea earlier today?

I'm all for competition, so readers should switch their browser between the two blogs.

Pre-registration is required to comment, but the X-rated, uncensored, unplugged live blogging will be over at:

James Maskell

I reckon DD will go for the single mother background and DC will go for the dsiabled child lines within 15 minutes.

Ill be posting here only.

Guido fawkes

15 minutes? A good choice. 15 minutes to see both lines, 10 mins to see the first sympathy bid.

James Maskell

The drugs question WILL be asked by someone. DC will wheel out the same rhetoric and will say "I know what drugs does to people". I dont think he'll mention the relative though. That will be within 25 minutes. DD will repeat what he has already said.

Im hoping we get some left-field questions which will test their thinking on their feet response.


Is it going out live or was it pre-recorded?

James Maskell

Its being recorded now. The first question was about youth/experience and the second one was about EU. The BBC is updating every so often about it

James Maskell

Cllr Iain Lindley

We could play Question Time bullshit bingo. I'm sure we can all think of a few good examples...

James Maskell

I dont understand. Maybe you'd like to go first Cllr...

James Maskell

Looking at the BBC site, DD might have done well. Arguments over DC and Blair comparison and a debate over tax... Sounds like it got quite personal too.

Cllr Iain Lindley

Right, we're off. Swords ready...

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