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Alastair Matlock


The Sunday Times has reported that Liam Fox has backed David Cameron.,,2087-1869918,00.html

Selsdon Man

Surely the Welsh hustings should be in Cardiff!


Why? The Scottish hustings aren't in Edinburgh. They're in Perth.

Kate Castle

Selsdon, I think they are at Newport as there is a biggish group of members in South East Wales & also with no hustings in Bristol, Newport will be looked at as a middle venue for both Cardiff & Bristol members. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make it.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Is the Newport vacancy still going spare? I'm still not sure if I'm going to go because I have evening classes to attend to on Tuesday evenings and because evening trains from Cardiff to Newport are as full as John Prescott at an all-you-can-eat buffet but I'm open to financial persuasion ;-)

As an aside, Newport makes no sense as the venue at all. It would have made much more sense to choose either Cardiff (where the Welsh wing of the party is based) or Monmouth (the Conservative-held Westminster constituency with easiest access). The only possible reason I can think of for choosing Newport is because of the idiosyncracies of the Welsh transport network - for example, the hub of the Welsh rail network is actually in the Shrewsbury, which was in England the last time I checked!


I now have a probable volunteer for Leicester, Daniel, but noone for Newport. Go on... make it so!

Cllr Iain Lindley

Newport did seem an odd choice - as the "Welsh" hustings and given that any venue in South Wales would be difficult for anyone in the north it should really have been in Cardiff or even Swansea.

I suppose it is accessible for parts of the West Country but given that it is not aimed at that region and those people would be travelling a distance anyway, pushing it a bit further along into Cardiff wouldn't have been overly inconvenient...

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